The Anti-TBR Tag

Another tag I’ve not actually been tagged in, today I’m doing the Anti-TBR tag, which I found on May’s blog, ForeverAndEverly. Please give it a click and check out an awesome blog!

  1. a popular book everyone loves that you have no interest in reading
    Mexican Gothic, because I’m not into body horror or anything like that, so I don’t think it’s something I would enjoy.
  2. a classic book (or author) you don’t have an interest in reading
    I read a lot of classics, so there’s not so many I could really pick for this! I do have to say though, although I’ve read some of Milton’s work, I’m not overly grabbed by it, so I don’t think I’ll really be reading more by him.
  3. an author whose books you have no interest in reading
    Sarah J. Maas (who could also be the answer for 3.2). I don’t like fantasy, and I don’t read YA, so I just don’t think that this is one for me.

3.2 a problematic author whose books you have no interest in reading
Jay Kristoff. I’ll be honest, I don’t even really know what he writes, and I’m only vaguely aware of why he’s problematic, but I know that he’s a name that’s come up a lot on book twitter lately due to some elements of his work.

  1. an author you have read a couple of books from & have decided their books are not for you
    I can’t really think of any for this! I don’t tend to read more books from an author if their first book wasn’t my cup of tea. There are authors I used to read a lot of that I’m no longer into, but that’s more a product of aging out of the books rather than any issue with the author’s skill.
  2. a genre you have no interest in OR a genre you tried to get into & couldn’t
    Fantasy for me! I used to be really into it, but now I’m just not really interested in it at all. It’s definitely rare that I read a fantasy book nowadays.
  3. a book you have bought but will never read (this can be a book you have unhauled/returned to the library unread)
    Many fantasy YA books that I bought as a teen! The Selection series is one that comes to mind.
  4. a series you have no interest in reading OR a series you started & have dnf’d
    Daughter of Smoke and Bone is one that’s popular right now. Again, because it’s YA and fantasy, it’s just not my thing.
  5. a new release you have no interest in reading
    So I don’t really keep up with new releases, so I had to search up some new releases, and I could’ve picked a lot of options! The one I’ve gone with looks to be a YA romance, titled Not Our Summer.

As usual, I’m tagging anyone reading this who likes the look of it!

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