Top 5 Summer Walks in Leicestershire

If you’re in England, you’re probably enjoying the lovely weather we’re having at the moment! Today, I wanted to celebrate the arrival of nicer weather, and talk a bit about some of the gorgeous spots for walking my home county has on offer. You might, or might not, know that I’m from Leicestershire, and having spent the last year of lockdown here, I have a fair few ideas for good country walks! So, here are 5 of my favourite local places to go walking.

Bradgate Park, Newtown Linford
If you’re local and you’ve not been here, I have to admit I don’t know what to say to you! Personally, I like to venture up the hills and walk across the higher ground of the park, and then walk back to the carpark along the main path. This way, I get to visit the visitor centre for a well-earned coffee and see the ducks, but I also get the advantage of the incredible views you get from higher up, as well as the quieter paths.

Sense Valley Park, Ibstock
If you don’t mind hills, Sense Valley is a lovely place to pass a few hours! There are plenty of pond areas, as well as a few small wooded areas good for birdwatching. I remember the path down from the carpark to the main park being fairly steep, but it was absolutely worth it!

Market Bosworth Country Park, Market Bosworth
Great for walking round, but also great for picnicking in! This park has a lot of open spaces, but also a nice variety of areas that makes walking around it lovely. There’s wooded areas, fields, ponds, and a sort of meadow with a pond full of reeds! The area is gorgeous, and while there aren’t really any designated ‘walks’ as such around it, you can just freely wander and explore to your heart’s content.

Beacon Hill, Woodhouse Eaves
There are two carparks at Beacon Hill, but the lower carpark is better in my opinion. If you like hills, feel free to walk from one carpark to the other, or park in the upper carpark, but my preference is the lower carpark. At the lower carpark, you have easy access to a short walk through a wooded area that offers information about the different tree species, as well as the cafe and adventure playground. The highlight of the lower carpark area for me though is the Rhododendron Labyrinth. It’s a beautiful, peaceful place that makes for a lovely close to a walk. The labyrinth itself only takes a couple of minutes to explore, but it’s situated next to a lovely wooded area that makes for a longer walk, and you can always be brave and climb the hill!

The Outwoods, Woodhouse Eaves
Literally down the road from Beacon Hill is the Outwoods. The Outwoods is simply a lovely woodland area, with two different paths marked through it for walkers to follow. Of course, you can freestyle, and as the main paths aren’t too numerous you don’t have to be worried about getting lost. The longer of the two suggested walks is around an hour’s walk according to the signs, though I’ve found it to be shorter. Still, the woods are so gorgeous that I’m more than happy to go back around again, or do both the longer and shorter routes in the same visit!

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