Beloved | 6 | 2020 Countdown

I have previously received PR products (free review copies) from Penguin, who own Vintage.

Welcome to Day 19 of my 2020 Book Spotlight Countdown! For more information about this series, please read my introductory post here. Today, I’m celebrating Beloved by Toni Morrison!

6th of 2020

Sethe’s eldest daughter is dead, and her two sons have fled. She is left with her youngest daughter, Denver, and the ghost that haunts their house. Everyone says the ghost is her eldest daughter. After a figure from Sethe’s past appears and chases off the spirit, a young woman calling herself Beloved is found sleeping on the steps outside the house. The three women form intense bonds, particularly Beloved towards Sethe. As Beloved grows more and more malevolent, will the family be torn apart again?

Find my review (including trigger warnings) here.

If you enjoyed The Color Purple or Lovely Bones, this book might be for you.

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