BLOGMAS 2020: Best Books of 2020 Countdown

Books mentioned marked with [PR relationship] denotes that a book was published by a company who have previously sent me PR products (free review copies).

I asked on Twitter, and you guys voted, and the vote was… inconclusive! Because it was so close, I decided to go for a 2020 Countdown of my 24 top books of 2020, and keep my general recommendations for list posts that I might do next year. The series starts tomorrow, and will run every day until December 24th, Christmas Eve. I’ll be sharing one of my favourite books that I’ve read this year, and accompanying it with a brief summary (in my own words), and a few books that I think are somewhat similar to give you an idea of whether you think it’s for you. I’ll also link to my review (if one exists), but I won’t be writing any new review content for this series: it’s a book spotlight series, not a review series!

For the purposes of this countdown, I’ve removed ARCs and short stories from the running. ARCs have been removed because I wanted to focus on my books rather than #gifted books, and short stories I removed because I didn’t feel like an individual short story was really enough for a spotlight post. Also, I rated so many books 4 stars this year that taking out ARCs and short stories made my job of picking 24 titles a whole lot easier!

Obviously, this countdown has been decided ahead of time, to make sure they’re in order (because yes, Christmas Eve I will be sharing my favourite read of the year… can anyone guess it? As such, my December reads will not be included in this countdown, which is a shame, so I will be reserving the time between Christmas and New Year for a couple of bonus spotlight posts if — and only if — I feel like they’re deserved by any of my December reads. There’s technically time for 6 extra books to be featured (I’m definitely taking Christmas Day and Boxing Day off!), so keep your eyes peeled in case any manage to sneak their way in!

I’ll be updating this post regularly as well with links to each spotlight, so you might want to bookmark this post, or alternatively, I’ll be tweeting out links every day if you want to keep up with me over there.

Happy Holidays, and I’ll see you tomorrow for #24!

Day 1 (The Great Gatsby) | Day 2 (The Buried Giant) | Day 3 (So You Want To Talk About Race) | Day 4 (Hamnet) | Day 5 (Queenie) | [PR relationship] Day 6 (Murder on the Orient Express) | [PR relationship] Day 7 (A Thousand Ships) | [PR relationship] Day 8 (Wuthering Heights) | [PR relationship] Day 9 (Strangers on a Train) | Day 10 (Flowers for Algernon) | Day 11 (The Topeka School) | [PR relationship] Day 12 (After Dark) |[PR relationship] Day 13 (Dracula) | Day 14 (Patient X) | [PR relationship] Day 15 (Daisy Jones & The Six) [PR relationship] Day 16 (Girl, Woman, Other) |[PR relationship] Day 17 (On Beauty) | Day 18 (A Girl is a Half-formed Thing) | [PR relationship] Day 19 (Beloved) | Day 20 (The Vegetarian) |[PR relationship] Day 21 (No One is Too Small to Make a Difference) | Day 22 (Citizen: An American Lyric) | [PR relationship] Day 23 (Ulysses) | Day 24 (Pride and Prejudice)

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