Spring Goals

Spring Goals!

So, I’ve already talked about my Spring TBR, but I thought today I’d share with you some of my other goals for the upcoming season. I, like so many others, really struggle with New Years goals. I find myself thinking “oh, I’ll start that soon”, and then before I know it, it’s October, and I’m thinking, “oh, I’ll do that next year”. To try and get past this, I thought I might try breaking it down a little bit, and having seasonal goals. As I talked about in my bullet journal, I also have monthly goals, though those tend to be more deadline-oriented, or keeping up with things rather than your typical New Years goals of starting to work out, or picking up a new hobby.
If I find this works for me, I might keep it up, and do another post in summer, talking about my summer goals and a little recap of how I did with the spring goals (nothing like the threat of publicly shaming myself to motivate me). Given the current situation, these are all going to be things that can be accomplished indoors, because I don’t know how much access I’ll have to the outside world for the next few months. On that cheery note, let’s have a look at my goals!
1. Pick up cross-stitching again. I did this for a few months about a year ago and really enjoyed it, and then I just… stopped. I still have some kits that I’ve not done, so this will be an easy thing to get back into!
2. Get into an exercise routine. I know, I said this would be things you can do indoors, so I’ll be looking at doing things like yoga, and there’s plenty of short home workout routines on various apps and YouTube. I’m not going to necessarily aim to do this every day, at first, maybe every other day, or a couple of times a week. This should help me stay active while I’m not going out much.
3. Work on that Spring TBR!
4. Finish organising/spring cleaning my room. I made a good start on this, and then piled up everything I didn’t know what to do with in a corner. Not ideal.
5. Organise my Spotify! I’ve been going through trying to organise my saved albums/songs and playlists, and let me tell you, it’s a mammoth task. I’ve got as far as the letter F, going through each artist I’ve followed, but that leaves a whole lot of the alphabet left to work through.
6. Cook at home more. I’ve been doing this a bit since I got back, but initially we had very limited veggie food, so I was living off ready meals. Now there’s more things in stock in supermarkets, I can hopefully introduce my family to more of the recipes I make at university.
7. Finish a playthrough of Bloodborne. Bit of a sillier goal, this, but I’ve been playing it since September and I’ve still not finished.
8. Read more theory/literary criticism. This is in preparation for the MA I’m hoping to start in September. I didn’t study all that much of it during my undergrad, so I’d like to boost my knowledge a little before I dive into postgraduate study.
9. Check off films/TV shows from my watch list. There’s so much there, and it’s been there for so long! I’m just really bad at getting round to films especially.
10. Final goal! Go down through my GoodReads list of books I want to buy and see if I actually still want to buy and read them. My to-read shelf is limited to books I already own, but I need to be ruthless about what books I’m buying, and try to only buy them if I really will read them.

And that’s my list! Do you have any spring goals? Let me know! Hope you’re all safe and healthy, and staying at home if you can. Until next time!

4 thoughts on “Spring Goals!

  1. Wonderful goals! I’m the same way with my watch list! There’s so much there, and I’ve barely made a dent in it lol Good luck with your Bloodborne goal! I keep wanting to play it, but end up getting intimidated by the difficulty. I feel like I won’t be able to make any progress haha Maybe one of these days, I’ll give it a try, though. I’m wishing you the absolute best! Take care and stay safe! 😊

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      • You’re very welcome! That’s what I figured lol I could probably play it, just might have to get used to it first. 😅 Glad you’ve been enjoying it! I hope all goes well! 💗


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