New Blog Schedule!

Yes, a Sunday post! A rare sight around here. Today, a little bit of an update for you, so just a quick one! First off, the big announcement, so drum roll please…

I’ve launched a new blog! is my new home for lifestyle based content, with a focus on plant-based eating and sustainability. While the blog is technically launched and can be viewed, there’s currently only static pages available, as I am yet to post my first blog post over there. That will be happening this month just as soon as I’ve figured out my posting schedule, which I’m hoping I’ll have organised pretty soon.

So, what does that mean for this blog?

Basically, it means that Wednesday lifestyle posts will now be hosted on Veggie with Ellie. Culture posts, like album reviews and game reviews will still be hosted here (at least for now!) because I feel like they fit in better with the bookish content than the sustainability content. So, every other Wednesday, there’s still going to be a culture post.

The other change I decided to make to my schedule when I was moving things around to create Veggie with Ellie was book tags. I don’t get tagged in new ones as often anymore, and I’m do struggle to find good ones to share with you all, so I’ve decided to move those out of their regular Friday spot, and into the alternate Wednesday slot that lifestyle posts used to take up.

So, my new posting schedule is:

Monday: chatty posts — TBRs, lists, opinion posts etc. All bookish content!
Wednesday: alternating between a culture post (which might include museums etc now those are open!) and tags.
Saturday: book reviews! I love my Saturday book reviews, and have no plans to change that anytime soon.

That means I’ll be going down from 4 posts a week here to 3, but there will be Veggie with Ellie content very soon that I hope will make up for it. I’d really appreciate you heading over to Veggie with Ellie, and giving me a cheeky follow over there if that kind of content is interesting to you! Also, any feedback you have about the new blog’s look would be super appreciated. You’ll find social links etc over there to stay up to date on the new blog, and I’ll also be over on all my Eleanor Sophie Writes accounts as well.

See you all tomorrow for a TBR/wrap up post!

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