Books I Want to See as Movies

Today, I’m talking about 5 books that I’d love to see movie adaptations of. There are always those books that you read and think wow, I can just imagine this on a screen, right? But of course, not every book can be made into a movie. But if I was a studio looking for my next adaptation, here are some of the books I’d want to be buying the movie rights for!

The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro. This is my standard answer to the question of what book I want to see adapted when the question comes up in tags, so it had to feature here.

Synopsis: An elderly man and woman struggle to remember the last time they saw their son, and so embark upon a dangerous journey to find his village. The strange mist that covers the land affects their memories the stronger it gets, and they find themselves unable to recall information about their past. Along their journey, they meet friends, enemies, and discover the source of the mysterious mist…

Exciting Times by Naoise Dolan. A very recent book, so I suppose I can hold out hope that it may be adapted into a film or TV show!

Synopsis: An English teacher in Hong Kong, Ava hasn’t quite figured things out yet. By chance, she strikes up a close relationship with a wealthy banker, Julian, and ends up living in his flat, rent-free. But when Julian leaves Hong Kong for 6 months, Ava is finally forced to strike out socially, and meets Edith, whom she quickly starts to fall for. When Julian announces his return, the lies Ava has been telling start to close around her, and she finds herself in a sticky situation.

Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams. Another fairly new release, and one I think would potentially make a great TV series as well as being a strong contender for a movie adaptation.

Synopsis: Queenie has just gone through a messy breakup, and to top it off, she’s also struggling at work, constantly surrounded by white, middle-class colleagues who she feels she cannot fit in with. Looking for comfort in the worst places, Queenie finds herself in difficulties at work, and in toxic relationships with men who are the definitions of a bad influence. As Queenie struggles to find her identity after her breakup, will she be able to find the answers she’s looking for?

Hamnet by Maggie O’Farrell. Also released pretty recently, this historical novel could make a great film, and its popularity makes it a good bet.

Synopsis: Hamnet Shakespeare is ill with the plague. So is his twin sister, the fragile Judith. Their mother, Agnes, is known for her special abilities, but even she cannot save both twins. With their father off in London, writing and putting on plays, the care of the twins and their older sister Susanna falls to Agnes. But the death of one of their three children sends shock waves through the family, and culminates in the father writing what would one day become one of the world’s most famous plays.

And finally, Melmoth by Sarah Perry. This could make a great dark, gothic-y film with all its suspense and twists and turns.

Synopsis: Helen Franklin cannot escape the mistakes of her past. When she comes upon a manuscript, she finds accounts of a dark, mysterious figure called Melmoth. She haunts the guilty, doomed to walk the world forever, dressed all in black. Those sought out by her face a choice: go with her, or live with their past. As Helen becomes more and more aware of a presence following her, the decision approaches…

4 thoughts on “Books I Want to See as Movies

  1. I haven’t read any of these but I can tell from the synopsis that they definitely sound like they would make really cool adaptions. Especially Queenie (it’s on my TBR pile so maybe I’m biased towards it!)

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  2. This is such a great post idea! I haven’t read any of these books, but I usually find that your opinions match mine, so I’m sure they’re great. You should do another edition of this post in 6 months, or even the end of the year!


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