Easter Baking Ideas

First off, apologies to anyone who might’ve caught a glimpse of this post earlier! I had scheduled it, but forgot to copy the actual content in (I schedule posts before I write them often) so it was just a post with a picture in… oops! Hope it was worth the wait!

Today, I wanted to share with you a couple of Easter Baking Ideas/Recipes. These recipes aren’t mine, so I’ll be linking to the sites with the recipes to try out! Although there’s not a lot we in the UK can do at Easter, we are able to have some outdoor meetings with people outside our household bubbles (hello Easter picnics!), and you can always stuff your face with Easter baking at home! So I wanted to share some of my favourite ideas for Easter baking, and ones that I’ll definitely be testing out this year.

  1. Creme Egg Brownies
    Brownies are a classic, and Creme Eggs are an Easter staple for me, so what could possibly go wrong? For this, you can use any brownie recipe you like and then, when they’re about halfway through baking, cut creme eggs in half (cut from top to bottom), and lay the halves, creme side up, in the baking brownies. If you lay them out in neat rows, then you already sort of have your brownie portioned up! You could also cut the creme eggs up smaller if you want to have smaller portions, and just scatter the creme egg around. If you need a recipe, Jane’s Patisserie has one that contains even more Creme Egg goodness than what I’ve just described!
  2. Mini Egg White Chocolate Cheesecake
    Again, both of these are classic foods in my opinion! If you already have a chocolate cheesecake recipe, you can adapt your tried and tested recipe to fit — swap any milk or dark chocolate for white, and add some crumbled up mini eggs to the cheese topping. And, of course, decorate liberally with mini eggs. Add some hundreds and thousands, or butterfly sprinkles to the decorations to add some extra colour and Easter cheer. The recipe I have found for this idea comes from Charlotte’s Lively Kitchen. You could swap the mini eggs on top for Smartie Eggs or the Galaxy Golden Eggs if you prefer!
  3. Cinnamon Rolls
    OK, so maybe these aren’t strictly speaking Easter, but for some reason I associated them with Easter. Cinnamon rolls are great with a caramel topping, and you could always substitute some of the flour in the dough for cocoa powder to make them into chocolate caramel cinnamon rolls, which sort of emulates the Cadbury Caramel Egg? No? BBC GoodFood has a simple cinnamon roll recipe, and Natasha’s Kitchen has a caramel sauce recipe if you want to use that instead of the cream cheese icing. I would make sure the sauce was quite thick, so it sets on the top if you go for the caramel sauce topping idea.

  1. Mini Egg Fudge
    I really love Mini Eggs, so I couldn’t not do a second mini egg recipe. Again, there are the Smartie eggs, or the Golden Eggs if you wanted to use something a bit different, but I feel mini eggs are the best of the lot when it comes to smashing them up, and you will be needing to smash them up a bit for this recipe. The recipe I have found is from Jane’s Patisserie again, and doesn’t require boiling or a sugar thermometer, so don’t be scared if you’re not a kitchen whiz! It does require heating and melting, so not ideal for younger bakers, but I’m sure any adult baker will be able to take on this recipe.
  2. Easter Doughnut decorating!
    This is a bit of a cheat idea, but I wanted to have one that was really straightforward so children could get really involved. Buy some plain glazed ring donuts, get some melted chocolate to use as glue if the icing isn’t sticky enough, and then decorate with mini eggs, hundreds and thousands, those little icing carrots, butterfly sprinkles… or whatever you can find! This one will almost definitely end up creating a mess rather than doughnut works of art, but it’ll be fun and yummy!

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