Blog Goals, Blog Schedule

Disclaimer: I have previously received PR products from Penguin and 4th Estate. The images in this post are of books published by Penguin or 4th Estate.

Happy New Year! Who else is glad to be leaving 2020 behind? Me for sure! You might notice there’s quite a few differences around here if you take a poke around the blog, I hope you like them! I’m planning to make a post soon outlining the changes and the process I went through to organise it all. Today I wanted to talk about my blog as a creative outlet, rather than the actual appearance of it. This is like a New Year’s Blogolutions I guess, as my New Year’s Resolutions for my personal life is scheduled to hit you all on Wednesday!

This post is coming to you in two parts: Blog Schedule, and Blog Goals. Because of my job taking up a lot of time, I’m slightly changing up my posting schedule in a way that will also allow me a bit of extra space to write book discussion posts that previously didn’t have a slot.
The old schedule looked something like:

Alternate Mondays: culture posts
Alternate Wednesdays: lifestyle posts
Fridays: tags, TBR/wrap ups, discussion posts
Saturday: book review

I wanted to give discussion posts a little bit more space, and I was also finding that I was falling behind on tags, so my new schedule is as follows:

Mondays (if I have an idea/time): TBR/wrap ups or discussion posts, or some other bookish post that’s not a review
Wednesday: alternating between lifestyle and media/culture posts
Friday (if needed): tags
Saturday: book review

Yes, this means I could be posting 4 times a week instead of 3, but the Monday and Friday posts are only for when it’s a new month so I have a TBR, or for if I’ve been tagged, or have something I want to chat about. So it could be as few as two posts per week (gasp).

The other thing I wanted to talk about was my goals for my blog in 2021! My main goal is to be consistent in posting still. I’m really proud with how I did in 2020, so I want to keep that up. The blog has meant I’ve made loads of new friends, so I want to continue those friendships and maybe make more in 2021. It’s also pushed me to keep reading regularly which is great! So my goals for the year are:

Stay consistent. My schedule may change but so long as I keep posting I’m happy.
Stay reading!
Reach 1,000 followers on WordPress? I’m at 750 now, so hopefully 1,000 is doable next year? Considering I started last year at about 100, it seems possible!
18,000 views in the year. In 2020 I made 12,000, and that was with barely posting for the first two months of the year. I’d love to up my views to around 1,500 a month.
Keep everything around here updated and organised. You may notice my new Book Review Bank, which I’m really excited about, but it only works if I update it regularly!

I think that’s about it for my 2021 blog goals, I hope you found this post useful! This one was more of a general update, but not to worry, my first review of the year drops tomorrow and it’s a festive one to keep the Christmas spirit flowing just a little longer. See you then, and please do let me know your blogging goals for this year in the comments!

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