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University Life: Make the Most of Your Resources

Welcome back to my University life series! This is the last post I’m planning to make, but if there any topics I haven’t covered in the series (read my older posts here) that you want to see please let me know in the comments and I’ll try to help out! The topic of today’s post is one I never really see being talked about and I am so mad at myself for realising way too late just how much my University had to offer! This post will also be particularly relevant for COVID-19, as we’ll be looking at online resources, which is what a lot of students don’t realise they have access to!

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University Life: Independent Living/Balancing Responsibilities

This won’t just be useful for University students hopefully, but anyone who’s going to be living independently for the first time and will have a lot more balancing to do! The focus will be on University responsibilities, but if you have a full time job instead, this should also be somewhat relevant. When you move into University halls, the first thing most students find is that they have a lot of unexpected things to deal with that take a lot more time than you might expect, so being good at managing your time so you can have a social life as well as managing your course responsibilities is really important!

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Halls, Flatmates and Moving Out!| Settling Into University Life

For anyone about to start University, chances are that in about a month you’ll be moving to a new city, living with strangers, and probably away from home for the first time. Everyone who moves away to University will have a different experience, but I wanted to cover some general points, and talk a bit about my own experience as well. This is also mostly based on the assumption you’ll be living in halls, but will hopefully be a bit applicable if you’re going into private housing as well!

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My Uni Experience

My Time at Exeter | I’m Graduating!!

I decided today I’d go down a bit of a different route with my lifestyle posts and talk a little bit about my time at University! I did BA English at the University of Exeter, and I am graduating this summer with a 2:1. Of course, there’s way more to life at uni than can ever fit into one blog post, so I’ll probably do a mini-series of these, posting them over the next few weeks to hopefully help out anyone who might be about to start University! Of course, anyone looking to start University in September will likely notice some big differences as a result of COVID, but hopefully there are still many things I can offer advice on that might be useful for new students! This is definitely going be quite a general post, a bit of an overview and some highlights, and then I’ll talk more about specific things like study advice, adjusting to living away from home and making new friends in future posts. If there are any topics you’d be interested in me covering, let me know in the comments and if I can, I’ll make a post on it!

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