Readathin August 2019 wrap up

August 2019 Wrap Up! | READATHIN

Now August is over, I thought I’d make a second read-a-thin update post (first here) to tell you about the rest of the books I managed to read in August. I didn’t quite get through the five that I had left after my most recent update, but I did read another three books, and start a fourth, meaning I read somewhere in the region of eight and a half books in August, which I’m pretty happy with, given I spent several days at my boyfriend’s and didn’t have much time to read then, and I also worked a lot of hours. I also managed to fulfil all five of the prompts given, as I read a book that’s a part of a series towards the end of August, so yay! Next read-a-thin is in November and I might participate again, though with uni back in full swing by then, I might not read so much, but we’ll see. Without further ado, here’s some mini-reviews of the last three books I read in August.Read More »

Midway Through Readathin Update

Read-a-thin Midway Update

So, it’s considerably past the middle of August, but I’ve recently got halfway through my TBR pile for readathin so I thought I’d make a post with some short reviews of the books I’ve read so far. If anyone missed it, I also made a post explaining readathin, and my TBR.Read More »