Review & Recommend: Solar - Ian McEwan

Solar – Ian McEwan: Review & Recommend | ELLIE LOVES

Includes spoilers

Being midway through the final year of my degree means only one thing: dissertation. Having chosen to do a creative writing dissertation instead of a traditional research dissertation, I’m reading a lot of novels. Specifically, I’m reading a lot of eco-fiction, or works that in some way address the climate crisis we find ourselves in. This is why I picked up Solar, after asking for it as a Christmas gift. My hopes for a novel centred around a physicist inventing new methods of carbon-neutral energy were fairly quickly dashed in the first few pages, and weren’t reignited. I was somewhat familiar with McEwan’s work, and I knew Solar was satire, but I still expected a bit more focus on the eco aspect of the book. As a result, it wasn’t really useful research for my dissertation, but it wasn’t unenjoyable.Read More »