Readathin May TBR

It doesn’t seem like that long ago since the last Readathin, but an awful lot has happened! Last time, In February, I challenged myself to read 5 books for Readathin, and I didn’t even manage to read those because I had so much university work to do. However, my final deadlines are fast approaching, which means that I will have much more free time to read! In April, I read 9 books, so I think I can be a little more ambitious here with my Readathin May TBR.

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Readathin Feb 2020 TBR

February 2020 TBR | READATHIN

Back in August, I took part in read-a-thin and really enjoyed it. I didn’t manage to fully complete my TBR for the month, but I got through more books than I would’ve done otherwise. Now it’s February, which means it’s term time, and a lot of my time is committed to university. Because of this, I’m not convinced I’ll make it through my pile, but it’s certainly worth trying! I’m going to try to pick books that fit the challenges, though a lot of my book are at home, so I’m limited as to what I can choose.Read More »

Readathin August 2019 wrap up

August 2019 Wrap Up! | READATHIN

Now August is over, I thought I’d make a second read-a-thin update post (first here) to tell you about the rest of the books I managed to read in August. I didn’t quite get through the five that I had left after my most recent update, but I did read another three books, and start a fourth, meaning I read somewhere in the region of eight and a half books in August, which I’m pretty happy with, given I spent several days at my boyfriend’s and didn’t have much time to read then, and I also worked a lot of hours. I also managed to fulfil all five of the prompts given, as I read a book that’s a part of a series towards the end of August, so yay! Next read-a-thin is in November and I might participate again, though with uni back in full swing by then, I might not read so much, but we’ll see. Without further ado, here’s some mini-reviews of the last three books I read in August.Read More »