The Queen’s Gambit: Review & Recommend | NETFLIX ORIGINALS

If you’ve not seen people raving about The Queen’s Gambit, where have you been? Granted, people have recently become more obsessed with Bridgerton, but I think The Queen’s Gambit deserves a bit more time in the spotlight. Here are five reasons why you should be watching it:

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What I've Been Watching in Lockdown

What I’ve Been Watching in Lockdown | TV Shows Worthy of Bingeing!

So, I mentioned a few TV shows in my recent favourites post, but I’ve watched more than just those since lockdown began, believe it or not! I thought I’d make a list of what I’ve been watching, where you can find it, and what it’s about and a little bit of what I thought of it! As I’m in the UK the ‘where you can find it’ will be based on the UK versions of sites so if you’re elsewhere and don’t have access to them, you might have to do a bit of digging I’m afraid!

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Book to Movie Adaptations: Annihilation Review

Annihilation (2018) | ADAPTATION REVIEW

Welcome to the second Culture Mondays post! As we did a podcast last time, I thought we’d go for something completely different today, and talk about a film. I’m not really an expert when it comes to talking about films, so this won’t be like… technical. But hopefully it’ll give you an idea of whether this film is for you! This is also the first of my Adaptations series, where I talk about anything that’s been adapted — probably mostly books to films, but if there’s different types of adaptations I’m happy to cover those too!

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