The Time Machine – HG Wells: Review & Recommend | CLASSICS CATCHUPS

Welcome back! Today, I’m reviewing The Time Machine by HG Wells, a classic for sure! This one had been on my TBR for a long time, and I have a feeling that at some point I’d read the first section, as it seemed pretty familiar. I’m not sure when that was, or if I imagined it though. I chose this for my June TBR (and then ended up reading most of it in July…) because, well, it had been on my TBR far too long, and I have a lovely Norton Critical Edition.

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Review & Recommend: The Invisible Man - H.G. Wells

The Invisible Man – H. G. Wells: Review & Recommend | CLASSICS CATCHUPS

I will admit, I didn’t really know what to expect with The Invisible Man. Obviously, I expected an invisible man to feature, and in that respect, I was certainly not disappointed. I meant to read this in March, for Readathin, but I completely failed on that front. Uni got away with me, as I expected it probably would, and then the pandemic has meant I’ve had to move out of uni, back home, and I’ve had less concentration for reading. Still, I just got round to reading it, so I’m reviewing it. Only a month later than I wanted to have read it by! I’m going to keep this review relatively spoiler-free, but it is over 100 years old, so I’m not going to be too stringent about that. If you’ve not read it, I won’t be spoiling the finer plot details for you, don’t worry! But I will discuss the overarching plot a bit.Read More »

Readathin Feb 2020 TBR

February 2020 TBR | READATHIN

Back in August, I took part in read-a-thin and really enjoyed it. I didn’t manage to fully complete my TBR for the month, but I got through more books than I would’ve done otherwise. Now it’s February, which means it’s term time, and a lot of my time is committed to university. Because of this, I’m not convinced I’ll make it through my pile, but it’s certainly worth trying! I’m going to try to pick books that fit the challenges, though a lot of my book are at home, so I’m limited as to what I can choose.Read More »