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Delete This with Hank and Katherine : Review & Recommend | LET’S TALK PODCASTS

So today I’m bringing the podcast reviews back, with Delete This with Hank and Katherine Green! Hank Green is internet famous, and his wife Katherine is not, as the intro will tell you. Hank is well-known for hosting educational channels including SciShow and Crash Course, and co-hosting the VlogBrothers channel with his brother, John Green (yes, the novelist John Green). The dynamic between Hank and Katherine is particularly entertaining because Katherine is so opposed to social media and internet celebrity, while Hank makes a living off these. In Delete This, Hank and Katherine go through Hank’s tweets from the last week and judge/critique them. They also look at trending topics, and a couple of other bonus features, including a viral moment of joy, and participating in twitter games (you know, the ‘your favourite colour + last thing you ate is your superhero name’ type of thing).

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Review & Recommend: An Absolutely Remarkable Thing - Hank Green

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing – Hank Green Review & Recommend | LATEST RELEASES

Includes spoilers

My first read of 2019 was An Absolutely Remarkable Thing (AART) by Hank Green. Green is best known for creating educational videos on YouTube including Crash Course and SciShow videos, and his brother, John, is known for his YA novels including The Fault in Our Stars and Turtles All The Way Down. As a fan of Green’s from YouTube and other places on the internet, I didn’t want to write off AART as just another ‘YouTuber book’. I felt, or rather hoped, that he hadn’t got a publication deal for being Hank Green, and that the publishing house had felt his work worthy of publication on its own merit. Having read videos scripted by Green as well as essays and thinkpieces published online I was confident he was capable of writing in a sophisticated and considered manner, though essay-writing and script-writing requires a different set of skills to novel-writing.

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