How To Ruthlessly Cut Down Your TBR

It’s a problem known to all bookworms: the out of control TBR! Today, I wanted to go through some of the methods I use to get my TBR down. I’m not claiming that my TBR is under control at all, but I’m making progress on it! The progress I can make with my physical TBR is limited during lockdown as half of my books are at my dad’s house, and obviously I can’t read or unhaul those. I have made an attempt to delete any that I want to unhaul from my GoodReads TBR, but I haven’t got all the way through doing that yet. When I can go round, I’ll try to take a load of the ones I want to unhaul back to my house, so I can get on with getting rid of them! My aim for this year is to get my owned TBR down to 50 or below, through reading and unhauling. So, here are the methods I’m using to cut down my TBR!

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