C25K Progress Update!

Last year, I completed the Couch to 5K program, then started working full-time, and kind of, well… gave up. I promise myself that when the weather started to get better, I’d start going again, and so when the Easter holidays began, I started the program from the beginning again! Rather than do updates every 3 weeks like I did last time, I thought I’d just do an update early on in the program (my last C25K post), and one when I’d reached the end of the 9 weeks (which I am almost at now!)

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Hello Running, My Old Frenemy…

You may remember, if you’ve been reading my blog for a long time, that last year I did the Couch to 5K program. I did really enjoy the program and it really boosted both my physical health and my self-confidence, but once I started work in September I lost steam. For a while I managed to go for a run after work sometimes, but I felt like that was eating into a lot of my free time and I felt like I needed to adapt to working full time before I went back to it. And then once I had adapted to working full time, the evenings were darker and colder, and I made the decision to put it off until spring. Now spring is here, there are no more excuses, so here goes..

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couch to 5k c25k crossing the finish line

Crossing the Finish Line! | COUCH TO 5K

Welcome back to the final instalment of my Couch to 5K series! You find my other posts in this series here if you want to know more about the program and my journey through it. As you might’ve guessed, this being my final post in the series does in fact mean I have finished the program and got the graduate badge! Yay! I’m officially a runner! While the program is called Couch to 5K, this is based on the assumption that 5K in 30 minutes is an achievable distance. The program focuses really on time spent running, rather than the distance, so finishing the program is no guarantee that you’ll actually hit that 5K mark. So, did I make it to that all-important 5K benchmark?

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Making Progress

Making Progress | COUCH TO 5K

Welcome back to my third post in the Couch to 5K series, and my second update. This is a week later than originally anticipated, because it did in fact take me two weeks to complete week 5! However, I’m still going with it, and I’m determined to push through to the finish and give you a final update post, which may be in three weeks time if all goes to plan, or it may be in four weeks if I need a bit of extra time again! Here’s how my journey continued after weeks 1-3…

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Couch to 5K 3 Weeks Down

3 Weeks Down! | COUCH TO 5K

Welcome back to the second installment of my Couch to 5K series! I am surprised, and pleased to tell you that I’m actually keeping up with it, going for three runs a week and following the podcasts. As I’m writing this, I’ve just finished week 3, but I’ll be into week 4 by the time you’re reading this. I thought I’d do a little overview of the weeks I’ve done so far and how I found them, and talk about how I’m feeling looking ahead at the next challenges.

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