Bookending Spring: Spring Into Action

Spring Into Action | BOOKENDING SPRING 2020

Bookending SpringWelcome to the second of my Bookending Spring 2020 Posts! My first post was Knock Offs, and today I’m sticking to the prompt for today, from Lauren @ Northern Plunder.

Today’s prompt, then is “Spring into Action”. I love bullet journals, so I was very excited to see a bullet journal themed prompt on the list! I’m not very artistic though, so my bullet journal is definitely more functional than pretty, but I thought I could talk about how I set it up anyway, and what I find it useful for. If you’ve not heard of bullet journals, check out the official bullet journal website to find out a bit more about the basics.Read More »


As a very naturally unorganised and forgetful person, I need a method to keep a track of my time, and tasks, else it is guaranteed I will forget. My personal method of staying organised is a bullet journal, an all-in-one diary and list journal that can be tailored to your own personal needs. More information about the bullet journal can be found at, but in this post I’m going to talk about the way I set up my own bullet journal. Read More »