The Vanishing Half – Brit Bennett: Review & Recommend | ELLIE LOVES

TW: colourism (pervasive throughout), racism (internalised, community-based), lynching (semi-graphic), domestic abuse (semi-graphic), sexual assault (throughout, semi-graphic, including abuse of minors), transphobia (CW).

I was really excited to read recently that The Vanishing Half has been longlisted for the 2021 Women’s Prize for Fiction! I know that there are a lot of issues around this prize, but I am glad to see this book getting the attention it deserves. I do plan to read a lot of the other long listed books (I’ve actually already read and reviewed Exciting Times) but many of the others have also caught my eye. I’m particularly excited to read Detransition, Baby by Torrey Peters, the first trans author to be nominated for the Women’s Prize. On a related note, I was excited to discover while reading that The Vanishing Half also contains trans representation. So, let’s get into why I enjoyed this book so much.

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