Reading Picnic | BOOKENDING SPRING 2020

Bookending SpringThis is my second-to-last post for Bookending Spring 2020! I’m sad this event is coming to an end. It’s been fun to participate in and I’ve enjoyed seeing what other people have posted as well. Today, I’m going back a few days to do a prompt from Jayati @ ItsJustACoffeeAddictedBibliophile. This prompt is Reading Picnic, and I picked it out of the list because it reminded me of summer afternoons spent on the grass outside Exeter Cathedral with my university friends. Obviously at the minute, that’s not possible to do, but I still have my back garden, so reading picnics can continue! Here is my list of essentials — including snacks — that I will take with me to a reading picnic, be it on a public green, or in my own garden.Read More »

Bookending Spring Bookshelf Organisation

Bookshelf Organisation | BOOKENDING SPRING 2020

Bookending SpringWelcome to my third Bookending Spring 2020 post! I’m not following any of the given prompts today because I thought I’d share with you how I organise my bookshelves! I thought this was a really interesting conversation to start, because people have so many different methods of organising, and I’m a sucker for organisation. I’m going to talk about two different bookshelves here, my physical bookshelf, and my virtual bookshelf (my kindle!).Read More »

Bookending Spring: Spring Into Action

Spring Into Action | BOOKENDING SPRING 2020

Bookending SpringWelcome to the second of my Bookending Spring 2020 Posts! My first post was Knock Offs, and today I’m sticking to the prompt for today, from Lauren @ Northern Plunder.

Today’s prompt, then is “Spring into Action”. I love bullet journals, so I was very excited to see a bullet journal themed prompt on the list! I’m not very artistic though, so my bullet journal is definitely more functional than pretty, but I thought I could talk about how I set it up anyway, and what I find it useful for. If you’ve not heard of bullet journals, check out the official bullet journal website to find out a bit more about the basics.Read More »

Bookending Spring Knock Offs


Bookending Spring

Hi guys! For the month of April, I’ve decided to sign up to join in with Bookending. This is a quarterly event designed to help bring the bookish community together — you can find more information here. This introductory post is taking the place of my lifestyle post for this week but, I’ll be honest, there hasn’t been very much change in my life since last time, and I don’t feel like now is the time to talk sustainability when everyone is just getting by on whatever they can find. Rest assured, when life starts to return to normal for us in the UK, I’ll start talking cruelty-free makeup and vegetarian food again. The aim of Bookending is to post at least three posts in the month, using the provided prompts if you wish. I’m going to be using some of the prompts, but I might not be posting them on the correct day (sorry to the hosts!). My plan is, after this post, to be posting Bookending posts every Monday in April, so including this first post, that will make five posts in total!Read More »