Build a Problem – dodie: Review & Recommend | FIRST IMPRESSIONS

This post has sort of been a long time in the making! I originally pencilled it in my schedule a couple of months back, but then the album got delayed, so it got pushed back further. And then, to top it off, I was so busy when the album first came out that I didn’t get a chance to sit down and write the post! But now finally, here we are! Obligatory “I am writing this on mobile, sorry if there are any formatting issues” disclaimer. I’ll update this post at the end of the week to edit out any formatting issues when I have access to my laptop again.

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lover taylor swift one year on album ranking

Lover – Taylor Swift: One Year One | Ranking Taylor Swift Albums!

I would apologise for all the Taylor Swift content on my blog this month, but… I’m really not sorry. Yesterday (August 23rd 2020) was the one year anniversary of Lover, Taylor Swift’s 7th studio album. In celebration, I thought I would do an updated version of my First Impressions of Lover post, complete with new rankings. Let’s go!

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folklore Taylor Swift album ranking first impressions

folklore – Taylor Swift | First Impressions

It’s Monday again and today we’re talking about music, which isn’t something I often do on this blog, but it fits into the media/culture theme my Monday posts have going on and… well… Taylor Swift just released a new album! folklore was a surprise release on July 24th, announced just hours before its arrival. I always love Taylor, so I was obviously super excited to see her coming out with a softer, more muted album.

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Lover - Taylor Swift First Impressions

Lover – Taylor Swift: First Impressions!

As you may know, I am a big Taylor Swift fan, if you couldn’t tell from this earlier post . So of course, I was super excited to hear Lover, her 7th album. This isn’t exactly “first impressions” because I’ve already listened to the album twice, so this is my third listen, but it’s still definitely early days. Lover as a concept isn’t something Taylor’s new to, but a lot of the prominent themes in these songs are new for her. For the first time, this is an album about love while she’s in love. Much of her past albums have focused on heartbreak (with the notable exception of reputation, which did contain some songs that seemed to focus on her relationship with current boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, though it was from much earlier in their relationship so the songs did have a slightly different tone/dynamic), but now she’s clearly very much in love, and not afraid to tell the world. So, with the premise of the album set up, let’s dive right in.Read More »