Outstanding Blogger Award Parts I & II

Today, I’m doing the Outstanding Blogger Award! I’m super happy to have been nominated for this, so many thanks to Poorwa and Pavithra who nominated me. You can find Poorwa’s blog, AtlasWebDesigns, here, and Pavithra’s, IntrovertBags, here, so please head on over and show some appreciation. First things first, of course, the rules!

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My Christmas Traditions

Dad’s Stocking

Now I’m too old for visits from Santa Claus, but that doesn’t mean the end of a Christmas morning stocking. My Dad is so dedicated to this tradition that I’m fairly sure he used to make himself a stocking (it was just the two of us at home at the time and I certainly hadn’t put it together…). Inside the stocking is usually a fairly predictable set of mini-gifts: a chocolate orange (or a real satsuma), a £1 coin, some chocolate brussel sprouts (I hate sprouts, anyone else?), and usually some other chocolate gift like a tube of smarties, or a toblerone. I usually open my stocking first out of the things I open with Dad, and then save the rest of the presents a little later in the day.

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Post-Exam Feelings

Immediately after your last exam, there’s a multitude of feelings that you can expect to emerge. Anxiety over whether you’ll achieve the results you desire, freedom from revision, pride at getting through exam season, excitement at the prospect of celebrating with friends. For me, this rush of emotion lasts for a few days, or at least, as long as the constant activities and socialisation last. After this, I become absolutely terrified at the prospect of a summer that lasts for months.

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