A Girl is a Half-formed Thing – Eimear McBride: Review & Recommend | ELLIE LOVES

TW: This book contains a lot of sensitive topics, including cancer, rape/sexual assault (underage and not underage) and various forms of abuse.

As you will have gathered from the above trigger warnings, A Girl is a Half-formed Thing deals with a lot of hard-hitting topics, so I appreciate that it is not for everyone. Absolutely no shame if you don’t want to read this review because of that. The topics listed above may be mentioned in this review, but I won’t go into detail. This debut by Eimear McBride is very impressive. I have read so much great Irish literature in the last year or so and if you haven’t been reading Irish authors, please please change that! Some of the greatest, most forward-thinking, boundary-pushing books I’ve read have been from Irish writers. (A Girl is a Half-formed Thing, Solar Bones, Normal People, Joyce, Boland).

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