Faber Poetry Podcast

Faber Poetry Podcast Review | LET’S TALK… PODCASTS

In 2018, I was sent a bundle of books by Faber after winning a giveaway on Twitter that was promoting this podcast. I was not asked to post about the giveaway or the podcast by Faber at any point and all opinions given are my own and unaffected by having been sent this bundle.

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Let's Talk Podcasts Delete This with Hank and Katherine

Delete This with Hank and Katherine : Review & Recommend | LET’S TALK PODCASTS

So today I’m bringing the podcast reviews back, with Delete This with Hank and Katherine Green! Hank Green is internet famous, and his wife Katherine is not, as the intro will tell you. Hank is well-known for hosting educational channels including SciShow and Crash Course, and co-hosting the VlogBrothers channel with his brother, John Green (yes, the novelist John Green). The dynamic between Hank and Katherine is particularly entertaining because Katherine is so opposed to social media and internet celebrity, while Hank makes a living off these. In Delete This, Hank and Katherine go through Hank’s tweets from the last week and judge/critique them. They also look at trending topics, and a couple of other bonus features, including a viral moment of joy, and participating in twitter games (you know, the ‘your favourite colour + last thing you ate is your superhero name’ type of thing).

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Comedy Podcasts: Review & Recommend | PODCASTS

Having enjoyed writing my previous blog post on reviewing educational podcasts, I decided I would continue the theme of reviewing podcasts and post a review of some of my favourite comedy podcasts. I picked up a copy of the student newspaper today, with my review of Trends Like These, and felt an inordinate sense of pride at seeing my work in print alongside so many other student writers. If you’re interested in educational podcasts, you can check out my review & recommend of my favourites. Otherwise, let’s take a look at some of the comedy podcasts that really stand out to me. Read More »

Educational Podcasts: Review & Recommend | PODCASTS

Recently, I’ve been getting myself back into listening to podcasts, as I’ve really fallen behind on listening to them since being at university. There’s so much music to discover, and films, TV shows and YouTube videos to keep up with that I let podcasts fall to the side for a while, but I’m determined to catch up with the shows that I loved six months ago, as well as listening to new podcasts, and ones I’ve always meant to start listening to.

I also recently reviewed Trends Like These for the student newspaper and really enjoyed writing the review, so I thought I may as well write more. This will hopefully be the first in a series of ‘Recommend & Review’ and hopefully there will also be follow up posts with different categories of podcasts that I enjoy listening to, as I listen to a few comedy podcasts and light-hearted chatty podcasts.Read More »