Reading Goal Update #2

We’re halfway through the year! That sounds so wrong to be saying, but it is true. It means summer is on the way, which I’m definitely looking forward to, and it means a catch up on how I’m doing with my 2021 Reading Goals!

To recap, my goals were:

My Total Reading Goal
70 books in total, and read some of the intimidating/chunky books I have on my TBR pile!

Diverse Author & Story Goals
Read books by LGBT authors and Authors of Colour more often, and also books including LGBT characters and/or characters of colour more often. I know there are a lot of issues with the Own Voices label so I won’t only be focusing on OV, especially for books with LGBT characters where the author may be OV, but in the closet. I didn’t put a specific target on this as I don’t want to read diversely just to fill a quota, but instead make sure I change my reading habits so I am seeking out diverse voices as often as possible.

Genre and Form Goals
This year, I wanted to read more non-fiction (my target is 12 non-fiction books), and also read more poetry, and more genres that I enjoy, but don’t often read, like crime/mystery fiction.

You can find my first check-in here.

How am I doing so far?

I’ve not really been using The StoryGraph recently to be honest! I’ve mostly been tracking my reading with GoodReads and Notion, but I’ve also been enjoying Readerly’s format. If you don’t know about Readerly yet, I have a handy post for you that explains all about it!

My total goal
So far, I’m at 32 out of 70. Obviously, at this point in the year, ‘on track’ would be 35, so I’m almost on track! I tend to read more over the summer as well, so I might get a bit ahead over the next three months before my 3rd check in.

Diverse Author & Story Goals
This year, I’ve read 4 translated works, 9 books by Authors of Colour, and 6 books with LGBT+ characters or about LGBT+ topics. This is definitely an area I’m still working on. I’m starting my MA course this September, which will involve a lot of translated fiction, so I definitely need to pick up some translated books in preparation for that. I’m still looking for more recommendations for adult books with LGBT characters, but as I don’t read romance or YA, I do struggle to find LGBT books. So far this year I’ve read a few new authors of colour whose work I’ve really enjoyed, including Octavia E Butler and Hanif Kureishi, so I will be looking at hopefully reading more by them in the second half of the year.

Genre and Form Goals
I’ve read 5 non-fiction books this year, and about to read my 6th, so I am still on track! I’ve also read a fair amount of science fiction compared to what I usually read, but I’m still waiting to really get into the crime/mystery genre properly. I’ve not really read much poetry either, and I what I have read hasn’t been my favourite.

Overall, I think I’m doing alright with my goals. I’m glad I’ve finally managed to pick up a few more science fiction books, and I have enjoyed what I’ve read for the most part! If you set yourself reading goals for this year, maybe now is the time to do a quick check in and see how you’re doing! Let me know how your reading is going this year in the comments!

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