Feminist Book Box: Would I Buy Again?

So, over the last 3 months I’ve been receiving Hachette’s Feminist Book Box. It was the first book box subscription I took out, and specialised in adult literature by amazing women. Each month, two paperback books are included: one new title, and one backlist. Of the three boxes I received, each featured one fiction and one nonfiction book, though I’m not sure if this is something they’re planning to keep up or if this might vary in future.

If you want to check out my unboxings, you can find them linked here: March, April, and May.

Firstly, why am I no longer receiving the book box?

That’s a pretty simple answer: when I joined, I signed up for a 3-month subscription, which I chose because my address wouldn’t be staying the same for a 6 month period, and I wasn’t sure what the process would be for updating my address. I also wasn’t sure how the box would suit me: I didn’t know if the books picked would often be ones I had already purchased or read. As I’d never had a book box before, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about it, and whether I’d think it was worth the cost.

Secondly, why am I not renewing my subscription now?

As a 3-month subscription is the shortest available, I still have the address issue if I were to purchase a new subscription now! I’m also trying to save some money for my move, so the book buying ban is in full force, and I think a book box subscription definitely breaks any buying bans! I did enjoy receiving the boxes, and I did think that they’re pretty good value for money: the two books usually retail at between £7.99 and £9.99, so £20 for a box that includes not only the two books but an art print, and access to an online author event (though so far I’ve not been able to join in with the events!), and also delivery.

Finally, would I buy again? The big question!

I think I probably would be happy to pay for this book box again! I was really happy with the selection of books I received, and I thought that it was a good price for what you receive. I have to say I’m not the biggest fan of mystery book mail, because there is always a chance that it really won’t be my thing, or that I’ll already have a copy, but I think given my experience so far, there will be far more books in the box that suit me than ones that don’t. I’m not sure when I would purchase again, as I’ll be a student again come September, and that will come with the traditional student budget. Perhaps a subscription is something I could ask for as a birthday gift, as my birthday is also in September. I do wish that you could buy one off boxes, because I think that’s definitely something I’d be interested in doing, but I understand why they’ve chosen to only offer a longer term subscription. Their customer service has been good as well! When their first box was due to be sent, they were unable to source the blue and pink boxes they’d designed, and so as a gesture of goodwill, included a free Virago plain-paged notebook in every box. Personally I found that more than made up for the lack of blue boxes, as the boxes end up as recycling bin content in my case!

Have you ever had a book box subscription or bought any one off book boxes? What were your opinions on it? Does this box sound like the kind of item you’d be interested in? Let’s chat about it in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Feminist Book Box: Would I Buy Again?

    • Yeah, space is a problem for sure! And so many books contain a lot of merch which I know I wouldn’t use and would just be clutter


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