Headfirst, Fearless Tag

Thank you to Breanne @ PeruseWithCoffee for creating this tag that I’m doing today! You know I can’t resist Taylor content!

Fearless (Taylor’s Version) ~ A character who goes into situations headfirst, fearless

I’m going to go with Lizzy Bennett in Pride and Prejudice, because she always speaks her mind even if it might lead to some negative consequences.

Fifteen (Taylor’s Version) ~ A book you remember loving in high school

If it was a dystopian book popular in 2013, it probably fits this prompt! I was really into all the big YA books around that time.

Love Story (Taylor’s Version) ~ What is your favourite Shakespeare retelling or Shakespeare inspired novel?

I’m going with the only one I can actually think of that I’ve read: Hamnet by Maggie O’Farrell.

White Horse (Taylor’s Version) ~ Favourite princess-saves-herself story

I can’t think of anything for this, it’s not the kind of thing I really read!

You Belong With Me (Taylor’s Version) ~ A book cover crush that you need on your shelf ASAP

I’m going to pick The Devil and the Dark Water by Stuart Turton for this one!

Forever and Always (Taylor’s Version) ~ A book that took you 27 words, pages, days, hours, minutes, etc to DNF or unhaul

I’ve unhauled a lot recently, mostly that I’ve had on my shelf for years and no longer have an interest in. Goodbye, hoard of YA books!

Today Was A Fairytale (Taylor’s Version) ~ What’s your favourite kind of happy ending?

My favourite kind of happy ending is a reunion, whether it be between family members or in a romantic sense! It always gets me a little bit teary-eyed!

You All Over Me (Taylor’s Version) ~ A book that continued to play out in your head after you were finished

Not really playing out exactly, but one that I can’t stop thinking about after reading recently is Republic by Plato.

Mr. Perfectly Fine (Taylor’s Version) ~ An overrated book that let you down

I heard a lot of hype from the literary world about Kudos by Rachel Cusk, but I found it a bit of a weak ending to the series unfortunately!

We Were Happy (Taylor’s Version) ~ A book you have bittersweet feelings about after a recent reread

The only book I’ve reread recently is Rebecca, and I really enjoyed it! The only thing bittersweet about my reread was that it ended.

That’s When (Taylor’s Version) ~ A series you might want to get back together with

There aren’t any to fit this really! I don’t read many series, and there aren’t any that I’ve abandoned midway that I might go back to (I assume that’s what this prompt is about?).

Don’t You (Taylor’s Version) ~ A character whose bullshit you can see right through

Ooh, this is tricky! I’m going to go with Queenie from Queenie, because I felt like I could really tell which of her actions were as a result of her break-up and feelings around what she felt was expected of her vs. what was something she was doing because it was the right thing for her.

Bye Bye Baby (Taylor’s Version) ~ A book that gave you your first heartbreak

[I have previously received PR products from Penguin]. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. For someone my age, that’s probably a fairly common response! I remember crying reading the book, and then crying watching the film as well!

I’m tagging

Whoever wants to participate!

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