Balancing Blogging with a Full Time Job

So, you have a blog and a full-time job? Me too! Balancing the two is super difficult, but I do have some tips for you after having managed my blog and job for the last 6 months.

Make sure you prioritise your blog.

When you have a full-time job, it’s easy to push your blog to one side and let it die off. However, just because you have a full-time job doesn’t mean you don’t have time for things outside of work! If you make your blog a priority, you’re less likely to let it fall by the wayside. Giving yourself goals to meet with your blog can help you to make sure it stays a priority.

Plan ahead!

While you can’t necessarily sit and write posts at work, it’s entirely possible to come up with post ideas while you’re at work that you can quickly note down. Create a posting schedule, and when an idea pops into your head, put it in the next appropriate slot that you have in your posting schedule. This will save you time when you sit down to write, as you should already know your topic! I personally try to have posts planned a month in advance. For example, I’m writing this at the start of May, and my May posts are already fully planned out. I have a couple of ideas in my June slots, and I’ll be working on filling out the rest of my June schedule over the next couple of weeks. Having recurring post series on your blog can be helpful, as it means you have less topics to think of. If you do a monthly wrap up post for example, that post is always going to take up a slot, which means one less topic to think of. If you can come up with a couple of these, it really takes the pressure off finding blog post topics.

Scheduling is your friend.

Linked to planning ahead, scheduling ahead is also a massive help! I try to schedule all my posts at the start of the month (even if they aren’t written yet, a post will be scheduled to go up with tags etc in place!), and then I’m able to copy the permalink WordPress generates for the post in order to schedule tweets and pins. I have all my photos taken and edited by this point, so I use TweetDeck to schedule tweets, and I use a mixture of Pinterest native, Hootsuite and Tailwind to schedule pins. I use the native scheduler to regularly promote old blog posts, and Hootsuite or Tailwind to schedule pins for posts that have yet to be posted (Pinterest won’t allow links to be used until the post exists). Scheduling posts and social media posts means that I can just sit back and let things be published/promoted, and hop online to do extra sharing whenever suits me!

Set aside time to work on your blog.

I like to do things in one big chunk rather than in little bits. I’ll try to set aside a morning each month to take the photos I’ll need for the following month, and then I’ll edit them and put them into my templates that same day, so all my graphics are ready. I also use an afternoon each month to schedule my blog posts for the following month, as well as my tweets and pins. I also write Instagram captions ahead of time during one of these sessions, using the Preview app, so when it comes time to post on Instagram, I can just copy the caption over and make any necessary tweaks. When it comes to writing posts, that’s more of an evening activity I do on odd evenings throughout the month when I’m in the mood (or, in the case of book reviews, when I finish the book!). My aim is usually to have all the posts I can have written in advance done by the start of the month, so that when I do my scheduling, I have most of the posts written, but this doesn’t always work out.

Make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself!

Planning ahead helps take the pressure off for me, but there have been times where I had a post planned, and then just didn’t get time to write it before it was supposed to be posted. Rather than overworking yourself, and forcing yourself to bash out a post quickly when you’re not feeling it, I simply reschedule the post for a later slot and don’t worry too much about having missed a post. Take a hiatus if you need it, and use the time to recoup, and make sure you’re ready before returning. Use time off from posting to plan your content for when you do return. Make everything as easy as possible for yourself! But, at the same time, make sure you enjoy what you do. If blogging becomes a chore, take a step back for a bit, find your passion again, and then return!

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