Hello Running, My Old Frenemy…

You may remember, if you’ve been reading my blog for a long time, that last year I did the Couch to 5K program. I did really enjoy the program and it really boosted both my physical health and my self-confidence, but once I started work in September I lost steam. For a while I managed to go for a run after work sometimes, but I felt like that was eating into a lot of my free time and I felt like I needed to adapt to working full time before I went back to it. And then once I had adapted to working full time, the evenings were darker and colder, and I made the decision to put it off until spring. Now spring is here, there are no more excuses, so here goes..

I decided to start running again when the Easter holidays began, because I thought that was a good point at which to start, and it also gave me 2 weeks of getting into the program while not at work, which I thought would push me to continue. Jury’s still out on whether or not that plan will succeed, but hopefully posting this will help me to hold myself accountable and get it done. If I can continue through the program at 3 runs a week without repeating any runs or weeks, I should finish at May half-term (which is really more like June half-term) and then I’ll figure out my workout schedule for the final half term from there.

At the point of writing this introduction section, I haven’t actually started the program, but by the time it’s published on April 14th I will have, so I’m going to return nearer to the time of posting to provide you with an update on my progress. As well as starting the Couch to 5K program, I’ll also be starting a new at-home strength workouts program at the same time, which will give me a total of 5 workouts a week (yes, I am scared of that fact!). My current plan for a routine is a bit up in the air, because my plans may have to be shuffled around a bit due to weather seeing as nothing could make me run in pouring rain. My current plan is (and yes, I’m starting my week on Saturday because I plan to start C25K on a Saturday so that would be the first run of the week in the program):

Saturday: Run 1 of the week
Sunday: upper body workout
Monday: Run or day off
Tuesday: Run or day off
Wednesday: lower body workout
Thursday: run or day off (preferably run so I can have Friday off)
Friday: run if I need to complete the week.

Ideally, Tuesday and Friday will be my days off, and I might swap around Saturday and Sunday’s plans if I run on a Friday, just to give myself a day off from the running inbetween each session. British weather is unpredictable though, so I have no idea if that’ll work out or not. We’ll just have to hope, wait, and see.


Week 1:
The first run of week 1 went surprisingly well. I can already tell the difference in my fitness levels now compared to when I first started running 9 months ago, even though I’ve not done that much aside from walking recently. My feet are suffering slightly in the form of blisters, but the running was totally doable! The second and third runs went in a similar way, but the third run of the week was a bit tough. Not because of the running, but because I’d misjudged the weather and gone out without a jacket when I really should have taken one! I got home freezing, but at least the running warmed me up.

Week 2:

6 thoughts on “Hello Running, My Old Frenemy…

  1. Must feel good to get back into working out and focusing on staying fit! I’ve recently started trying to do more walks and maybe one day I’ll work up to running. I’m embarrassingly out of shape and have bad knees, so I have to build intensity very slowly. Keep up the great work!


  2. […] In my last post, when I talked about my return to running, I gave a bit of a recap of weeks 1 and 2, to talk about how I found the start of the program. I found the first 2 weeks far easier than I did the first time I attempted them, thanks to a combination of a higher base level of fitness and a better understanding of pacing. But how long would that last? […]


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