Feminist Book Box Unboxing April

Last month, I posted my first ever book box unboxing, and guess what? Here’s my second! Needless to say, this contains spoilers for the April Feminist Book Box, so read ahead at your own risk.

The Feminist Book Box is offered by Hachette, and can be bought in 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions. The 3 month subscription works out at £20 a box, with small discounts per box for a longer subscription. For your £20 a month, you receive two paperback books by women. One of these will be a new release, and the other will be a classic, or older, book. You also receive a piece of artwork, and an invitation to an exclusive online event. In the box is also a little booklet about the products and authors included in that month’s box, and it’s all delivered to your door in a pretty box (delivery to the UK is included in the subscription cost). I’m not sure if this box is available outside the UK. One slight downside to this box is you don’t know the books in advance, so you can’t skip a month if a book you’ve already read is coming up.

Last month, the box also contained a Virago plain page notebook, as the normal cardboard boxes hadn’t arrived in time. Last month’s box also included Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston, and A Woman of No Importance by Sonia Purnell. I was really happy with the books in last month’s box, because I hadn’t read either of them, and while the latter wasn’t the sort of thing I’d choose for myself, I do think I’ll enjoy it. So, what did I get this month?

This month I’m perhaps not quite as excited as I was last month, but I’m still very happy with the contents of this box! The backlist/classic book picked for this month is Kindred by Octavia E. Butler, who I’ve heard of, but never read. From the blurb, this is the kind of book that I’d enjoy, and it probably is something I’d pick out for myself, so definitely a winner! It’s a bit science-fiction/fantasy, which perhaps isn’t my usual genre, but it sounds really intriguing, and the cover is gorgeous. I think this will definitely be one that I read fairly soon, perhaps next month? We’ll see!

The second book in this month’s box, the newer title, is I Am Not Your Baby Mother by Candice Braithwaite. While this book does look interesting, and I think I will learn a lot from it, it doesn’t really seem like my kind of book. I don’t have a particular interest in parenting books, as I’m not a parent myself. I feel like perhaps if I had experience of motherhood I would be much more interested in this book, as I’d be able to compare my own (white, British) experience of motherhood to Candice Braithwaite’s (Black, British) experience. While this book isn’t really something I would usually pick up to read, I am definitely going to give it a go, and I hope that I will still be able to take something from it.

And finally, the artwork for this month! This artwork is a portrait of Candice Braithwaite, drawn by DorcasCreates. According to the booklet that came with this box, Dorcas Magbadelo, creator of the DorcasCreates brand, creates a range of products celebrating Black women. Products include jewellery, art prints and greetings cards. A link to the DorcasCreates website is here. The print in the box is so lovely, with bright, vibrant colours, and captures Candice Braithwaite with a massive smile on her face! I’m a big fan of this gorgeous art print — I just need to find somewhere to place it!

This is the second of my three Feminist Book Box boxes, and I am wondering whether I should take out a second subscription. So far, I think the boxes have been good value for money, and they haven’t been books that I’ve read before, which was my concern. I would like to know if it’s an intentional thing that thus far one of the books in each box has been nonfiction, because my personal preference would be to receive a majority of fiction books, with the occasional nonfiction included. My other worry is that I’ll be moving house in July, though the July box should arrive before I move, so hopefully that wouldn’t be an issue. I am leaning to repurchasing a 3 month subscription, depending on the contents of the May box, and the state of my bank account!

What have your experiences of book boxes been like? Do you know of any general adult fiction book boxes in the UK that I could have a look into?

8 thoughts on “Feminist Book Box Unboxing April

  1. I’ve never been big into subscription boxes because I find that most of them contain items that I don’t care about. I think one of the most important aspects to this box is having an open mind about new books, which I feel like you have. I tend to stick with the same type of book, so I don’t know that this would be a good idea for me. But, I like hearing your perspective on a book subscription service. Thanks for sharing!

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    • Thank you! I totally agree about other boxes. I have no interest in bookish merch like candles and jewelry type stuff, so I’m glad this is just the 2 books and a piece of art! I think I do have a reasonably open mind (except when it comes to romance or fantasy which I’m not a fan of!) and I always love to discover new female writers so this works for me. Thank you for your comment!

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  2. I had a Books that Matter subscription as a present for a few months and I loved that! I’m never sure with subscriptions whether they are going to be worth the money. Great review of this one – it’s not a box I’ve heard of before.


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