Spring Favourites!

Can’t believe spring is here already! The time has been flying the last few weeks. I feel like this list might include some repeats from my previous favourites lists, as it feels like I haven’t really had that much time to discover new favourites, so instead I’ve been relying on my old comfort favourites instead. Still, I hope this provides you with some inspiration to fill your time in what will hopefully be the last season of lockdown here in the UK!


Rebecca – Daphne du Maurier
I don’t read that much from the gothic genre, but this is my favourite gothic book that I’ve read so far, and quite possibly that I will ever read. This was a reread, so I already loved it, but my reread reinforced my love for it. Sadly, the new Netflix movie didn’t quite live up, but I do at some point want to watch the original adaptation and see how I feel about that.

The White Book – Han Kang
Again, prose poetry isn’t something I read a lot of, but this book blew me away! It was one of the first books I read this year and it really set the standard high for the rest of the year. It’s just a great exploration of humanity, told through a series of brief contemplations on different white objects.

Exciting Times – Naoise Dolan
So, this book had surprise sapphics in, which is totally my jam. When I say surprise, I mean just that I didn’t know that this book contained LGBT+ rep of any sort because I was going in not knowing much about the book. It’s an engaging book with great characters, addressing contemporary life and class divides in Tokyo. Fans of Sally Rooney would probably enjoy this book, though I much preferred this to Rooney.


RuPaul’s Drag Race

I have to admit, I don’t like RuPaul for several reasons I don’t want to go into right now (this is a positive post after all), but the contestants on both the recent UK and US seasons have been brilliant. Massive congrats to the winner of the UK series, who I’d been routing for since episode 1! The top 6 in the US season are also all brilliant, and I can’t wait to see who wins.

The Great Pottery Throwdown
If you like reality competition shows to be super wholesome, then I’ve found the perfect show for you. There are tears of joy over pottery at least once per episode, and the contestants are always so lovely and supportive. And a plus, the pottery items they create are absolutely incredible, and there are some beautiful works of art in this show.

The Celebrity Circle
Have to admit, I decided to watch this because I saw that Baga Chipz, contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Season 1, and my favourite of the season, was on it. It was actually really hooking, and very funny to watch celebrities catfish and try to impersonate other celebrities. The added bonus of the celebrity version is that some of the contestants know each other (or know the person someone else is pretending to be), which makes it more possible to catch out the catfishes.


Star Wars
I watched the original triology a while ago, and more recently I watched the prequel trilogy and Episode VII. The prequels are just off the wall weird, and Episode VII is just basically the first film again, but I have to be honest. I enjoyed all of them. I managed to enjoy a series of movies that features JarJar Binks. I think because they’re so weird, they just enter another realm where everything is just a good time. I should add that I was drinking whisky through most of the prequels, which may have affected my enjoyment levels.


evermore – Taylor Swift
Yes, I definitely mentioned this in my Winter Favourites, but I still have it on repeat, and it’s really grown on me as an album. It still doesn’t beat out folklore for me, but it is closer now than it was a few months ago. Cottagecore, ethereal, woodland vibes all around.

My Brother, My Brother and Me
This is a podcast rather than an album, and it’s one I’ve listened to on and off for ages. I am still in the back catalogue, so I’ve not listened to their more recent episodes, but I find the McElroy bothers so funny. The podcast is pretty ridiculous in the best way, and please, don’t listen to their advice.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons
This is another one that I’ve definitely mentioned before, but I’ve got really into it lately. I’ve past the point now where I’m just trying to raise money to build one bridge or one ramp per day, so I feel like the game’s finally got to the point where I can make my island look the way I want. And while I’m definitely a long way off still, I feel like I have a basic idea down, and now I just need to collect more DIYs to make it pretty!

Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy.
If you’re around my age (early 20s), and were a DS kid, you probably remember the Professor Layton puzzle games. I loved the games as a kid, so I was really excited to find that they’ve revived the series for the Switch, featuring Layton’s daughter, Katrielle. The game works in a similar way to the earlier games, solving mini puzzles to find clues to the broader mystery. The one thing I would say is that the transport “system” is a little tedious, and as with many Switch games, the load screen time is a bit of an annoyance, especially for someone who’s used to more open world PS4 games that only really have loading screens if you find a boss or die.


I went through a phase of what I like to term ‘lockdown blues’, and at that point I needed things to keep my brain occupied, and a free sudoku app is a great way to keep your brain engaged if you’re inclined towards that kind of numerical puzzle.

Another one that I’ve definitely mentioned before, but I’ve recently found some templates on Reddit and completely revamped most of my pages using the templates and things I’ve learnt from adapting the templates for my own use. My Notion is now way more technical, and because of that, I find I’m using it more. I’m still working on setting up elements of it, and completing my databases, but it’s definitely coming along. The more I use it, the more I realise: what can’t you organise on Notion?

Maybe an odd choice, because I know Reddit has a bit of a reputation, but I have found some delightfully wholesome subreddits that I’ve really enjoyed recently, and I find them really helpful. One of them is the Notion subreddit, where people post tips, setup tours and templates, and another is the ACNH subreddit, where people post photos of their gorgeous islands and make me jealous. There are also some great crafting communities (I like the cross stitching and embroidery subreddits), and some good places to discuss books and literature.


Costa Toffee Spiced Latte
There’s a Costa in my local Asda, so after doing the grocery shopping, a little treat is required. The toffee spiced latte is new, and probably packed with sugar, so please don’t tell me anything about its nutritional content. All I know is that it tastes super good! I have to admit, this is a name I’d have expected to see on their autumn menu, not the spring one, but it’s amazing, and I’m glad it’s in spring, because I can’t think of any other seasonal spring drinks I get excited over unless the Ruby Hot Chocolate counts as a spring menu drink.

Mini Eggs
Look, Easter is coming up, which means chocolate egg season. I love Mini Eggs, and in particular, I love keeping a mini egg in my mouth for a while so the chocolate centre goes a bit melty and then biting into the sugar coated exterior. Yum.

5 thoughts on “Spring Favourites!

  1. Oh, so many things to comment on in this post! 😀
    First of all, I really need to read Rebecca. I have promised myself to read more classics this year and have I read anything yet? No. No, I haven’t.
    I have unfortunately no idea what Drag Race is, besides the obvious car racing thing. But I hope you had fun.
    Star Wars? I love Star Wars. Obviously the original trilogy is best but have you watched Rogue One? It’s devastating and I absolutly loved that one. And cried my eyes out obviously.
    Currently, my boyfriend is hogging my DS but I feel like I should play some as well. I’m still wondering if the Switch is worth it though. What do you think? I feel like there are just not that many games.
    I’m not a member of Reddit myself but I feel like there are a lot of helpful subreddits and while there also might be some weird ones, I think it might not deserve its bad reputation.
    Sounds like you had a lot of fun lately. I hope that continues for you. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for your comment!! Drag Race is about drag Queens rather than any cars hahaha! I have seen Rogue One yes! Great film 🙂 and I do think the Switch is worth it, there are lots more games than I expected on there, though if you’re into blockbuster AAA games then there’s definitely not as much as there is on PS/XBox/PC but there are loads of indie games available!


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