My Top 5 Indie Bookstores

Welcome back! Today I wanted to share some of my favourite independent bookstores! All of these are UK based, and open for online orders. I’ve shopped with all of these before, either in person or online, and I picked them either because I love their physical store, or because they have great customer service, or because I love their mission. I’m not affiliated with any of these shops in any way, I’m just a happy customer wanting to pass on the love! So, in no particular order…

WEL Books

West End Lane Book is based in London, and I’ve always had a great experience ordering with them online. I’ve not visited their physical bookshop (that I can remember), but from photos it looks really cute. They have a lot of signed editions on their website, and you can also send them an enquiry about any book you’re after and they’ll get back to you regarding availability! You can find their website here.

Big Green Books

Big Green Books is an online-only bookshop. The best way to order with them is by sending a DM on Twitter, and Simon will get back to you. I picked Big Green Books because they run a Twitter event every Wednesday called ‘buy a stranger a book’, where people will, well, buy each other books! It’s a great way for people to pay it forward, and also a great way for anyone who’s struggling with money to receive a book. The Twitter for Big Green Books is here.

Toppings & Co

Toppings & Co have a few different locations, but I visited their Bath location a while ago and fell in love. They are relocating in Bath to a new building, and I can’t wait to visit them when they reopen! Their physical store had so many signed and first editions (as does their website), and I’ve received a surprise signed edition from them before when ordering. You can order from their website here.

Mr. B’s Emporium

Another store in Bath! Bath was the home of Jane Austen so it’s not a surprise that they have multiple lovely indie bookstores. Mr B’s has such a great atmosphere, and a massive range of books. Their website offers a ‘Surprise Reads’ purchase, where you can opt to buy a mystery book, should you want a postal surprise! You can find their website here.

Gay’s The Word

Legends in the LGBT+ world, Gay’s the Word actually featured in the movie Pride. It was the first LGBT+ bookshop in England, and sells a wide range of LGBT+ books! Covering fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels and more, Gay’s The Word is your one stop for LGBT+ books. You can even sort by identity if you’re after a particular kind of representation. You can order from them online via their website, here.

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