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Happy Friday! It’s time for another tag, and today I’m doing the Book Adaptation Tag, which is one I saw over on Alexa’s blog, WritingTheUniverse. I’ve not been tagged in this, so I hope Alexa doesn’t mind, but it looked like such good fun that I wanted to participate!

What is the last book adaptation movie you saw?

I think it was the new Rebecca film Netflix released last October. I definitely prefer the book to the film, though.

What book movie are you most excited for?

I can’t think of any new ones that I’m looking forward to!

Which upcoming book movie will you definitely not see?

Again, I can’t think of any!

Which book movie would you NEVER watch again?

The Divergent movies. Awful!

Is there a movie you saw that made you want to read the book, if you hadn’t yet?

I almost always read the book before the movie! Any movies I saw before reading the books were probably already books on my TBR.

Conversely, is there a movie that made you never want to read the book?

Not that I recall! I’d either already read the book, or didn’t know there was a book, or the book was on my TBR and I enjoyed the movie.

Name an adaptation that has almost nothing to do with the book it’s supposedly based on.

This is another one I don’t really have an answer for! I honestly can’t think of any I’ve seen that have been that far away from the source text.

Have you ever left the theater during a movie adaptation because it was so bad?

No! I’ve never left the cinema partway through. I have a habit of enjoying films while I’m watching them regardless of their quality, and then afterwards, in retrospect, I think they’re bad!

Do you prefer to watch the movie first, or read the book first?

Book first for sure! I almost always read the book first. I’m not much of a movie person, so having enjoyed the book is one of the big things that makes me want to watch a film.

How do you feel about movie adaptations that age characters up? (ex. Characters that are in middle school, but in the movies they’re all 18+)

It depends on the story. Sometimes teenagers in books don’t act like teenagers at all, and their characters make more sense as 20-somethings, but sometimes it’s just a 20-something playing a highschooler which I find irritating, and plays into the trend of children acting like they’re grown up because they’ve seen actors much older than them playing characters their age and tried to imitate them.

Do you get angry when the actors don’t look like you thought the characters would?

No, not really! I’m usually quite behind getting to books, as in, after the movie casting is announced, so then I just have the actor in my head before I read the books. I’m also not a big visual reader so I don’t tend to really have strong mental images of characters.

Is there a movie you liked better than its book?

I think it’s a very rare occasion that I like a movie better than a book. I think maybe the 2019 Little Women adaptation was better than the book for me? But it’s been a long time since I read the book!

Name a book that you would love to see as a movie.

The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro. It’s so atmospheric, I think it would make a great movie!

I’m tagging…

Danni @ ForBooksSake

Mere @ LoreOfTheBooks

Margarida @ IcthusBookCorner

Nikki @ BooksAndLemonSquash

Amy @ AmyJaneAlice

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