MyVegan Haul & Review

So ages ago, I had a series called Baby Steps, where I talked about my journey to trying to be more sustainable. During the pandemic, I put that series on the shelf because circumstances were making it hard for me to make any changes worth writing about, and when everyone was just surviving, it didn’t feel like the right time for it. The last thing I want to do is to make people feel like they should be living that perfect #ZeroWaste life when priorities have changed so much, and so many people are just in survival mode. However, I have been trying to make some changes to my lifestyle and diet to boost my health, and as a part of that, I recently bought some products from MyVegan!

I would advise consulting with a doctor or nutritionist before making any changes to your diet or lifestyle, because what works for one person won’t work for others. I am not a nutritionist, so I’m looking at these products purely from a consumer perspective, and I am not affiliated with MyVegan.

MyVegan offers a wide range of products on their website, and I’m only talking about a select few today. When I was looking at the site, I was personally looking for products to help boost my protein intake, and I also hate nuts, so I didn’t want any products that had, say, peanut butter in. The items I bought were:

Chocolate Pea Protein Isolate (1kg)
Lemon & Lime Clear Vegan Protein (Sample)
Blackcurrant Clear Vegan Protein (Sample)
Apple & Elderflower Clear Vegan Protein (Sample)
Vanilla FlavDrops

I was really not sure what to expect from the taste of any of these products, because I’ve not tried any protein drinks before. The first item, the Chocolate Pea Protein Isolate powder, was the one I was most nervous about. The first time I tried it, I mixed it with milk, but I have since tested it with water instead, and also in porridge. The directions on the pack suggest using 30g (which is less than a whole scoop, so be careful!), and mixing it into 350ml of plant-based milk or water. In milk or water, I find using 350ml of liquid makes it a bit strong, so I’ve been using closer to 500ml to mix the powder into.
I find that the powder gives the drink enough flavour and thickness that water works just fine, so I think I’ll be sticking to mixing it with water. The taste, for me, is fine, but I’m not the biggest fan of the aftertaste. It feels as though the powder builds up in the back of my throat in an unpleasant way. With the drinks, I don’t find it overwhelming, but I did find it worse when I tried it in porridge. I did use pretty much the same amount in the porridge as I would have in a drink, so I think next time I would probably cut down the amount I put in, and hopefully that will make it much nicer!
Overall, if I were to compare the taste, texture and aftertaste of this product to a chocolate milkshake, I would give it 3.5 stars.

When it came to the Clear Vegan Protein samples, I was excited to find that there was a product that makes a squash-like drink. I ordered the sample sizes because I wasn’t sure which flavour I would prefer, and I didn’t know how I’d feel about this product. The blackcurrant flavour was the first one that I tried, and I was a fan. Initially, I used the recommended 350ml of water to mix the drink, but I found it a bit strong, so again, I’ve been sticking to 500ml of water to dilute the sachets. The blackcurrant flavour ultimately wasn’t my favourite, but that comes down to personal taste. The Clear sachets didn’t leave the same aftertaste in the back of my throat that the other powder did, so I do prefer them in that sense. However, they do contain less protein per serving.
Overall, comparing the blackcurrant sachet to blackcurrant squash, I would give this 4 stars.

The next flavour of the sachets I tried was the Lemon & Lime. I don’t usually drink lemon or lime flavour squash, but I do like citrus flavours. With 500ml of water, the flavour was nice, but not overpowering. Like the blackcurrant sachet, there was no build up in the back of my throat, and I’d pretty happily drink this in place of a glass of squash. The website recommends using a shaker to mix the powder with the water, but I found a spoon works fairly well to dissolve the powder. There were one or two lumps of powder left over, so I had to squish them against the side and give it another good stirring to get it to dissolve.
Still, despite some struggle with dissolving it, when compared to squash, I’d give this 4 stars again.

The final flavour of the sachets I had was the Apple & Elderflower, which was the one I was most excited about. I’m a fan of elderflower cordial, so this was the one I had been leaning towards buying a full size of. Like both the previous sachets, I diluted with 500ml of water, and used a spoon to mix it. Again, there was no bad aftertaste, and I really liked the flavour. The consistency of all of the sachets was perhaps a bit thicker than you would get from a cordial or squash, but not to the point where it was off-putting for me.
The Apple & Elderflower gets 4.5 stars compared to elderflower cordial, and I do plan to buy a full-sized version of this!

Finally, the Vanilla FlavDrops. I’ve only used these once, and the other flavours were stronger, so I didn’t get that much of the vanilla. As such, I don’t really want to give this one a star rating, but I really like the idea of the 0 calorie, 0 sugar flavouring, so I really hope that when I get more use out of it the flavour really comes through.

2 thoughts on “MyVegan Haul & Review

  1. I haven’t heard of this brand before but I’m really intrigued by this! I definitely need to refocus on making the right choices with sustainability etc, so maybe one I should check out. Thanks for the review!

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    • Thank you! I think this is a great vegan swap to make if you already use these type of products! I’ve not tried non vegan alternatives to this kind of thing, but I have to say I can’t imagine a big difference!


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