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A second post about evermore? Who’d have guessed? Literally everyone, probably. I was tagged by Cielo @ BelleRoseReads to do the evermore book tag, and I’m super excited! This tag was created by Ahaana @ Windows To Worlds, so thank you to both Cielo and Ahaana for bringing this tag to you all today.

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The Questions

A Book With a Character You Can’t Help But Fall in Love With

OK, for this one I think I have to go for Celie in The Color Purple. It’s a really sad and traumatic book, but Celie is an incredible character.

champagne problems
A Book With a Broken Relationship

I mean, a lot of books could fit this! I don’t read a lot of romance, so my options are a bit limited. I’m going to say A Christmas Carol, because while it’s not a romantic relationship, Scrooge sure does break his relationships!

gold rush
A Book You Love With All Your Heart

It’s tricky to only pick one! I think I’m going to go with Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen because it’s just so lovely.

‘tis the damn season
A Book in Which a Character Reconnects With Their Family/Hometown

I’m struggling to think of an answer for this one! I think I’m going to go with Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams, because I feel like Queenie actually reconnects with herself more than anything, and I think that’s quite a nice way to fit the prompt.

tolerate it
A Book With a Suffering Relationship

Hi, I’m cheating and I’m going with the book that this song was inspired by, which is Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier!

no body, no crime
A Book About Murder

This song just gives me really strong Rebecca vibes. And I feel like it sort of qualifies?

An Old Favourite You Just Can’t Relate to Anymore

Any YA that was popular from like 2012-2015 could probably fit this tbh…

A Book Featuring an Old (or Strong) Friendship

I love this prompt! It’s more a romantic relationship than a friendship (but it is both), and it’s between the two protagonists in The Buried Giant.

coney island
A Book That Made You Cry/Completely Destroyed You

I don’t really cry at books! Or at least, I haven’t for many years.

A Book That Was an Unexpected Favourite

I recently read The White Book by Han Kang and I really loved it! I knew that I enjoyed her writing, but this really blew me away.

cowboy like me
A Book About Thieves or Criminals

This isn’t something I really read, to be honest! I guess Les Miserables could count?

long story short
A Book That Made Up Your Childhood

I read so much as a child it’s hard to pick one or two. If I’m honest, the Harry Potter books were a massive part of my childhood and teenage years, but obviously now I don’t really like to look back and acknowledge how important they were to me at that time.

A Book With a Moving Message

Queenie! It’s a great book about finding yourself and learning to love and respect yourself.

A Series in Which You Need the New Book

I’m not really reading any series at the minute that aren’t complete so I can’t answer this one!

The Perfect Conclusion to a Long (But Worth It) Series

Again, I read so few series (especially long ones) that this is hard to answer. I hope that Kudos by Rachel Cusk will be a great conclusion to the trilogy, and I’m planning to read that soon!

I’m tagging…

Anyone! I’m really wiped out right now, so please forgive me for copping out here. But if you’d like to participate, please do.

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