The Liebster Award Part II

This is my second time being nominated for The Liebster Award, so I’m really excited! I’m really happy to be taking part today, so a big thank you to Danni, who tagged me, and an apology for having taken so long to post my responses to the questions. Hope you enjoy my answers!


Thank the blogger who nominated you and give a link to their blog
Answer the 11 questions asked of you
Nominate 11 bloggers
Ask your nominees 11 questions
Notify your nominees once you have uploaded your post

Danni’s Questions:

Let’s start with some positivity. The year has been awful, but what has been your highlight/most positive moment of 2020?
I got my first full time job! I’m working as a teaching assistant in a primary school for a year and it’s given me some really great experience and I’m enjoying it a lot, the school is so supportive.

Have you set yourself any challenges for 2021?
I have my New Year’s Resolutions post, and my 2021 reading goals! Plenty of challenges there to be getting on with I think!

What is your favourite book to screen adaptation?
Ooh I love this question! Probably the 2015 adaptation of Carol. Shout out to to Little Women (2019).

I always ask this in these things, but what is your favourite famous work of art?
Like Danni, I do love Van Gogh! My favourite by him is the Almond Blossom painting. I have a Kindle case with it on!

What is your opinion on DNF’ing?
I don’t often DNF, but I totally support doing it! If you’re not enjoying a book, don’t waste your time on it, I say.

We’ve all watched lots of TV this year, so what are your 3 top binge-worthy series you’ve watched in 2020?
The Queen’s Gambit, Queer Eye, and The X Files. I have to be honest,I’ve done more gaming than bingewatching this year!

What are your biggest hopes for 2021?
I’m planning (and really hoping it happens!) to move to London and start my MA course. Hopefully I’ll also be able to see my boyfriend way more than I did last year as well!

Who is your favourite musician? Why are they your favourites? and have you seen them live?
Taylor Swift! (No surprises there…). She’s such an incredible lyricist and writer, and she’s so lovely to her fans. I’ve seen her live twice, and also met her when I was invited to the reputation Secret Sessions!

Imagine you have your dream home library, describe it.
Okay oh gosh. So the bookcases are floor to ceiling, and dark wood because that feels cozier than white bookshelves to me. There’s rolling ladders so I can re-enact that scene from Beauty and the Beast, and a bay window with a window seat I can use as my reading nook. There’s also gotta be a kettle and a fridge. For snack and drink purposes. The shelves would be organised by genre and then within that, chronologically because I like to have my books in order of publication! And they’d all be lovely matching editions of series, and absolutely every book THE SAME HEIGHT!

What is your favourite book/series from your childhood?
Good question! I used to love The First Bear by Felicity Hansen when I was very small!

Is there a genre you would like to read more of?
I’m hoping to read more non-fiction this year, which isn’t really a genre! I also want to read more science fiction, and more crime fiction.

My Questions…

  1. What are you looking forward to in 2021?
  2. What was your favourite gift that you received last Christmas?
  3. Are there any new hobbies you want to try soon?
  4. What are you currently reading? Are you enjoying it?
  5. Recommend us all three of your favourite TV shows!
  6. Have you ever done something that surprised you? Share it with us!
  7. Do you like journalling? Do you have a physical or digital journal to track things?
  8. Are you a bookmark user, a scrap of paper (or similar) user, a remember-the-page-number person, split the book person, or a dog-ear person?
  9. Can you play any musical instruments?
  10. Describe your ideal reading environment!
  11. And finally… mention 3 of your favourite bloggers!

I’m tagging…

Brittany @ ThisIsBookRamblings
Cielo @ BelleRoseReads
Bryony @ TheIndecisiveReaders
Mònica @ NightingFae
Meg @ ALittleShelfRighteous
Lauren @ LaLa’s Book Reviews
Deborah @ BookwormingLife
Eleanor @ CosyBookCorner
Jess @ JessHeartsBooks
Emma @ BookwormGirl

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