evermore – Taylor Swift: Review & Recommend

When Taylor releases a new album, I have to post about it. What I didn’t expect was to be doing another album review so quickly after the folklore one! This isn’t quite so much first impressions, because I’ve already listened to it several times, but like I did with my folklore first impressions, I’ll be going through evermore track by track and talking about my early impressions. I also have an “everlore” playlist on Spotify that I’ll provide a link to that compiles my favourite tracks from both albums.

At the minute, I have to admit I don’t love evermore as much as folklore. I don’t find the tracks as grabbing, and the album generally feels a little bit like the folklore B-sides. There are, however, some definite stand out tracks that I love, and if you look at my rankings of the two albums together, there are definitely some songs from evermore that I like more than certain tracks from folklore. And, as ever, my early impressions can change a lot, so who knows what my thoughts will be in a few months time!

  1. “willow”
    “willow” didn’t stand out to me very much initially, which was disappointing as it’s the lead single from the album. Over the last couple of weeks of listening though, it has definitely grown on me, and I really like the “lonely witch remix” of the song.

“Lost in your current like a priceless wine.”

  1. “champagne problems”
    This is quite a quite song, giving it a really intimate feeling. As such, it didn’t really grab me immediately, but again, it has grown on me. It’s about the fallout after a breakup, where one partner proposes, and the other responds by ending the relationship. The bridge is a classic example of Taylor’s excellent lyrical abilities, and looking at the lyrics closely actually gets me really emotional!

“Your Midas touch on the Chevy door/November flush and your flannel cure”

  1. “gold rush”
    Here, Taylor takes on the role of the jealous outsider, daydreaming about a partner everyone sees as perfect. There’s a really interesting conflict in this song between the perfection of this partner, and the narrator’s rejection of this perfection (“I don’t like a gold rush”). Still, sonically, it’s not that interesting to me, sadly.

“I don’t like slow motion, double vision in rose blush/I don’t like that falling feels like flying til the bone crush”

  1. “’tis the damn season”
    While not a Christmas album, evermore does contain a few Christmassy references, this song title being one. Supposedly, this links to a later track in the album, “dorothea”, with dorothea as the song’s narrator. I do quite like this one; it has a very festive feel, and I like the way it starts very subdued and slow and crescendos before coming back down.

“Time flies, messy as the mud on your truck tires/Now I’m missing your smile hear me out”

  1. “tolerate it”
    Taylor has said this was inspired by Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier, specifically the relationship between Maxim and the second Mrs. DeWinter. “tolerate it” seems to me to fit into a series of songs in folklore and evermore that focus on the darker element of romance between members of high society, which is something I’m really enjoying.

“You assume I’m fine, but what would you do if I/Break free and leave us in ruins”

  1. “no body no crime” ft. HAIM.
    Yes, yes, and more yes! This song also reminds me of Rebecca, and tells yet another story that fits into the dark upper class romance genre. In this song, Taylor plays the narrator, and HAIM are background characters. Este, the narrator’s friend, is murdered by her husband after she calls him out for cheating, and the narrator responds by murdering the husband, after which suspicion conveniently falls on the mistress. It’s a Certified Bop, and it’s been my #1 on repeat song since it was released!

“She says, “that ain’t my Merlot on his mouth/That ain’t my jewelry on our joint account””

  1. “happiness”
    This is one of my least favourite songs on the album unfortunately! It just doesn’t really grab me musically, and I just honestly find it a little bit dreary compared to other songs. Some of the lyrics in it are nice, but the music just doesn’t work for me.

“When did all of our lessons start to look like weapons/Pointed at my deepest hurt?”

  1. “dorothea”
    “dorothea” feels very much like “seven”’s spiritual sister. Many sapphic women have claimed it, and I can see why. The narrator sings about a person she used to know, Dorothea, and her lasting affection for this girl who has gone on to achieve fame. The rhythm is a bit more upbeat than a lot of the rest of evermore, which I enjoy!

“And damn Dorothea, they all wanna be ya/But are you still the same soul I met under the bleachers?”

  1. “coney island” ft. The National
    This is quite a forgettable song for me, sadly. Which is a shame, because in a way it’s quite reminiscent of “exile” ft. Bon Iver which I love. I do feel like this is one that could grow on me after a few months, but for now it’s fairly well in the middle of the pack really.

“And do you miss the rogue/Who coaxed you into paradise and left you there?”

  1. “ivy”
    This one is another that I find a bit forgettable! There are a couple of lines that stand out, but overall, it’s not one of my favourites. It tells the story of an illicit romance between a married woman and another man, and it’s another very soft song. evermore really is characterised by the soft and subdued.

“Oh, goddamn, your pain fits in the palm of my freezing hand/Taking mine, but it’s been promised to another”

  1. “cowboy like me”
    Much like “ivy”, some bits of this stand out to me, particularly the way Taylor sings the post-chorus. The rest, however, really seems to fade into the background. It’s a shame, because the title of this really grabbed me, but the song just didn’t live up to my hopes.

“Perched in the dark/Telling all the rich folks anything they wanna hear”

  1. “long story short”
    This is where the upbeat feel starts to come back. While it’s not the most positive song, the rhythm is definitely catchy, and it’s packed with idioms that Taylor loves to play around with. The line about the rabbit hole in particular takes me back to “cardigan” and the line “Peter losing Wendy”.

“’Cause I fell from the pedestal/Right down the rabbit hole/Long story short, it was a bad time”

  1. “marjorie”
    An homage to Marjorie Finlay, Taylor’s maternal grandmother, “marjorie” is a beautiful tribute. The relationship between them is depicted in a really touching way, and the added touch of using Marjorie’s vocals in the background was a lovely addition. Most of the song is very simplistic lyrically, but as is customary for Taylor, the true lyricism lies in the bridge.

“Watched as you signed your name Marjorie/All your closets of backlogged dreams/And how you left them all to me”

  1. “closure”
    This is another one that I don’t particularly like, sadly. Here, Taylor sings to an ex, rejecting his attempts at reaching out and offering an olive branch. It’s very sparse lyrically, and it’s also a bit too repetitive for me.

“It cut deep to know ya/Right to the bone”

  1. “evermore” ft. Bon Iver
    I had high hopes for this, because I loved “exile”. And, the first half of the song is really enjoyable. Unfortunately, when Bon Iver enters the song, it gets ruined for me. The effects put on his voice don’t fit the rest of the song, or even the feel of the album for me. It’s quite jarring, and it’s disappointing as the title track, and given how much I loved their last collaboration, it’s a shame I didn’t feel the same way about this one.

“Writing letters/Addressed to the fire”.


  1. “no body no crime”
  2. “willow”
  3. “champagne problems”
  4. “dorothea”
  5. “marjorie”
  6. “long story short”
  7. “’tis the damn season”
  8. “gold rush”
  9. “tolerate it”
  10. “ivy”
  11. “coney island”
  12. “cowboy like me”
  13. “closure”
  14. “evermore”
  15. “happiness”

24 thoughts on “evermore – Taylor Swift: Review & Recommend

  1. “When Taylor releases a new album, I have to post about it.” – why is that also me haha

    I LOVED this post so much. It was so fun to read your thoughts on the album. I agree I love Folklore a little more, but Evermore keeps growing on me. ‘Willow’, ‘Champagne Problems’, ‘Long Story Short’ and ‘No Body, No Crime’ are my favourites from this album. The murder song was an instant vibe 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      • Have you heard the bonus tracks yet? I love ‘It’s Time To Go’ too. I feel like Taylor telling me it’s okay to leave situations when they get toxic or make you unhappy is exactly what I needed in my life ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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