New Year’s Resolutions

The absolute staple of New Year’s posts! Has it really been a new year if bloggers don’t all post their resolutions? I like to post mine to try to hold myself somewhat accountable. I’ve already posted my Blogging Goals, so if you’re interested in that, please have a look! Obviously those things are sort of part of my resolutions, but I wanted to do a separate post for some more personal goals! I would love to know if you’re trying to do anything similar to myself, and I’d love to know if you have any other resolutions as well. I feel like sharing resolutions definitely helps me to stick to them, and if you feel the same, I’m definitely up for chats about it in the comments.

Health and Beauty

Get a proper skincare routine going again! I try, and then I fall off the bandwagon and go back to the most basic skincare, which doesn’t really work for my skin.
Keep on top of the makeup products I have and get rid of anything that’s too old or that I don’t use any longer.
Get a hair cut. I know it’s a bit of a silly one, but I hate finding new hairdressers and I’ve been putting off a haircut for at least four months with the excuse of COVID. While it’s a valid excuse, hopefully in a few months I’d feel a lot more positive about a hairdressers, and then I can finally get my hair dyed and my fringe cut properly!

Work and Studying

Finish my Level 3 TA course. I don’t really have that much of a choice with that, because it expires in October, but I’d like to get it finished quite a long time before then. The big thing that’ll slow me down (hopefully it’s this rather than my pace) is that I have to wait two weeks for an assignment to be marked before I can submit the next.
Read more theory and nonfiction to prepare for my MA course. I’m starting my MA at UCL in September, and I’d love to be a bit more prepared before I go into it.
Find some kind of part-time (preferably online) job that I can do while I’m doing my MA. I’m thinking about something like online tutoring maybe? Let me know if you’ve any experience of work like that!


Keep up my exercise routine! I’m really happy that I’ve actually been keeping up some kind of routine for several months. It might not sound a lot to some people but it’s loads to me.
Restart my Baby Steps series, and keep working towards being more sustainable. I’m planning to move out my family home again in summer, so a lot of my changes will have to wait until then as I don’t make the financial decisions at home.
Learn how to do embroidery. I’ve asked for a kit for Christmas, so if I get it that will be my first step.
Learn how to play the keyboard! I got one for Christmas, so I’d better use it.
I also have my 22 Goals post that I’m still working on, and all of those are still things I want to achieve!

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