On Beauty | 8 | 2020 Countdown

I have previously received PR products (review copies of books) from Penguin.

Welcome to Day 17 of my 2020 Book Spotlight Countdown! For more information about this series, please read my introductory post here. Today, I’m celebrating On Beauty by Zadie Smith!

8th of 2020

Winner of the Women’s Prize for fiction, On Beauty tells the story of an interracial family living in New England. Based on the E. M. Forster work Howard’s End, Zadie Smith spins a tale of family, betrayal, love, enmity, and coming-of-age. At the centre, two feuding families. On the periphery, the children of the two families, all trying to forge their way in a world where their families have pre-carved paths for them.

Find my review here.

If you’ve read Queenie and Girl, Woman, Other and are looking for an examination of the Black American experience, Zadie Smith might be the author for you. Also, if you like character-driven stories, On Beauty is perfect for you.

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