Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s the kind of time people are starting to think about Christmas, so I wanted to provide a list of recommendations for places to look for gifts! I know a lot of people are looking to support small businesses this year more than ever. I did make a list of Small Businesses to Support in Lockdown a while ago, so that’s another great resource with even more recommendations. There might be a bit of overlap in the places I name, but I am trying to give different suggestions! I am not affiliated with any of these businesses, and any marked with an * are ones I haven’t personally bought from, but plan to. This will also be very UK-focused, though some places may ship internationally.

*UK allows independent stores to create a “storefront” on the site, and any books purchased through an indie’s storefront on bookshop gives 30% of the sale to that independent. Orders are fulfilled by, and there are currently over 300 bookshops on the map, and you can choose which to support. Some stores that I like are Gay’s the Word, Mr. B’s Emporium, and West End Lane Books, which are all shops I’ve either visited in person or ordered from online.
Big Green Books.
An entirely online business, Big Green Books takes orders via Twitter (where they also run the ‘Buy A Stranger a Book day’ each Wednesday, so if you’re struggling for money this winter, you might find a generous stranger willing to pay for your next read), as well as via email —

A female, Black-owned small business in Exeter, Sancho’s sells a range of sustainable fashion items. They stock a range of different sustainable brands, and have some lovely items available! I’ve discovered some great clothing brands through the list of brands they stock, and my Monkee jeans are some of my favourite jeans I’ve ever had. Their products do generally lean on the more expensive side, but if you’re looking to treat yourself, or you have a larger budget for present-buying than I do, then this is a great place to look!
Violet’s Vintage.
Violet’s Vintage is a vintage store based in Northern Ireland. The owner of the store, Rebecca, is someone I’ve chatted with on Twitter a few times, and she’s always really lovely! She sources items herself, and carries out any repairs that might be needed before putting them up on her website. The pieces she sells are really unique, vintage items and, while secondhand, turn up in amazing condition thanks to her TLC!

Food and Drink
Chocolate Alchemy.
An independent cafe and chocolate shop in Loughborough, Chocolate Alchemy sell some lovely luxury chocolate products on their website. They have a small vegan range as well as their standard dairy products, and have some amazing festive products available! Included in their collections are chocolate lollies, and stir-in hot chocolate spoons, as well as gin chocolates, so they have products for all the family.
Cocoa Amore.
Another Leicestershire based chocolatier, Cocoa Amore sell a range of festive and non-festive chocolate products on their site. They offer a range of different products ranging from slabs to kits and hampers, allowing you to pick and choose to suit your budget. Their products would make some lovely (if pricey!) stocking filler type gifts.
Two Birds Distillery.
One for the adults, Two Birds sell amazing craft British spirits. I’ve seen them at a lot of different local markets and had the chance to sample their products, and I’ve also had a bottle of their toffee vodka myself. Their products are a bit more expensive than you’d find in the spirits aisle of your local supermarket, but the flavours are absolutely incredible. Definitely one for the craft drink lovers among us!

Trinkets and Small Gifts
*Hyde and Seek.
Another Exeter based business, Hyde and Seek sells a wide range of gift products. Their products start from a really low price, so they have something to suit pretty much any budget! If you’re looking for some smaller items to use as stocking fillers, or for a Secret Santa gift, this should give you some inspiration.

Seller Sites — find something unique!
Etsy sells a massive range of handmade and vintage products. If you have a loved one who enjoys crafting, Etsy might be a good place to look for supplies and patterns. Etsy is also great for personalised jewellery and artwork and again, has something to fit every budget.
If you’re not afraid of gifting secondhand items (and to be honest, you shouldn’t be!) depop is a great place to look for clothing, books, and even jewellery. Most items on the site are secondhand, but there are some creatives and artists selling their brand new designs on the site as well.
Everyone’s heard of eBay, but have you considered it for Christmas shopping? While there are a lot of bigger businesses that sell through eBay, most products are sold by individuals. Again, a lot of products on eBay are secondhand, but I don’t think that’s a reason to overlook it for gift-purchasing. They have pretty much any product you can think of, and again, there’s something to fit any budget.

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    • Definitely!! I hate using Amazon but it is so convenient. I try to order from indies direct but they don’t always have the stock, so a centralised system is so cool!


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