Spooky Scary Skeletons Tag!

Today’s post is a little bit different! It is a little bit past spooky season now, but I hope you’ll forgive me dragging it out this far. Because it’s a bit late, I’m not going to tag anyone, but if you do want to do this tag, feel free, and please do link back to me if I’ve inspired you!

Before we get started, I just want to say thank you to Danni @ ForBooksSake for the tag! As always, her blog is amazing and well worth a read if you aren’t already following her.

1 – Friday the Thirteenth: What is a superstition you believe in?

I’m not a very superstitious person to be honest, so I can’t think of any that I actually believe in!

2 – IT: What scares you the most?

Pretty suitable movie to be put for this question, because I hate clowns!

3 – Scary Movie: What’s a book or movie that made you laugh?

Ooh, one that made me laugh! Sticking to the spooky theme, Ghostbusters — 1, 2, and the 2016 version all made me laugh in terms of movies.

4 – Frankenstein: What is your favorite monster? (literary, mythological, etc.)

Again, an appropriate choice for the question because I love Frankenstein’s monster. I don’t see the creature/monster as particularly monstrous based on the book, but he’s certainly seen as a monster in pop culture!

5 – Paranormal Activity: You’ve turned into a ghost! What ghostly thing are you gonna do?

The options are endless! I think I’d enjoy just haunting people by moving little things around so their glasses are always missing, or so odd socks get hidden down the back of the sofa. Just annoying little things.

6 – Scream: What is the scariest book or movie you’ve ever read or seen?

I’m really not into scary movies or books really, so there isn’t many. Perhaps Alien?

7 – Zombieland: The zombie apocalypse has begun! What will be your weapon and hideout of choice?

I’ve discussed this at length with some friends! My goal would be to hide out on a cruise ship. I assume that zombies can’t swim or captain ships, so I think it’d be fairly safe if we dropped the anchor and just hung out. I’m not sure what weapon I’d choose. Maybe just a set of kitchen knives so I could put them to good use in the ship’s kitchens (in my fantasies the ship has a fully stocked kitchen so we don’t need to worry about food!) because I’m hoping that no fighting will actually be required.

8 – Dark Shadows: What is your favorite book or movie featuring vampires?

Going for a classic and saying (I have previously received PR products from Penguin) Dracula. I read it this year and really enjoyed it!

9 – Hocus Pocus: You are now a witch. What will be your first wicked act?

There’s not much wickedness in me! I’d just want to hop on a broomstick and go for a little fly around!

10 – The Nightmare Before Christmas: You get to plan Halloween this year! What will you do to make it an unforgettable day?

I’d do loads of halloween themed baking beforehand to set the mood! Cupcakes that look like cauldrons, cookies with spiderweb icing, maybe scones dyed orange to look like pumpkins?

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