Glossier skin care review

Glossier Skin Care: Review & Recommend

This is very much a first impressions post, I want to lead with that! I’ve not been using these products for long, so I’m not sure yet if they will become staples, but I think that’s such an individual thing that it’s probably not actually that useful. Instead, I wanted to talk about what I was looking for when I bought these products, whether they seem to fit that from my first impressions, and what I think about the general presentation and service. The three products I’ve bought are bubblewrap eye + lip plumping cream, priming moisturizer balance, and the super bounce hyaluronic acid + vitamin b5 serum.

The bubblewrap eye + lip plumping cream was the first product I bought, and along with it I got a sample of the priming moisturizer balance. That’s the first thing about Glossier: with every online order you can select a free sample to receive, which is wonderful! I chose to get a sample of a moisturiser because I knew exactly what I wanted from a moisturiser so I wanted to make sure that the Glossier one fit my description before I committed to buying it because Glossier is a bit more expensive than the other skin care products and brands I use. I wanted a daytime moisturiser so I wanted something that would sink in fairly quickly and not feel heavy on my skin. I also didn’t want something that was too thin because I found with my Body Shop moisturiser that by late afternoon it was running off my face and into my eyes which was pretty painful. As I didn’t really know what I wanted from an eye cream as I’ve never used one before, I decided that was the product to invest in, and I decided to wait until my next order to invest in the moisturiser. I was super excited when the package came. The order came in a padded bubble bag (obviously inside something else) that you can keep and use as a travel makeup bag or similar if you like, which is a really nice touch. I appreciate the reusable packaging. The products themselves are all beautifully designed, with the white and pale pink colour scheme giving it a really clean feeling which is obviously what you want from your skincare! This is to be used between cleansing and moisturising, so I keep it in my bedside table drawer along with my moisturisers and lip balms. It has a pump top which I like over the ones you just screw open and dip your fingers into as those feel less hygienic to me. I haven’t been using this as a lip treatment at all, I just wanted something to use as an eye cream but I like that it can be a two-in-one product. You only need to use a tiny amount, and I just use my fingers to rub it in under my eyes. It feels really hydrating, and sinks in fairly fast as well so I don’t need to wait ages before I moisturise. So far, I really like this product!

The priming moisturizer balance sample I got was only enough for one use, but that was enough for me to figure out that it would work for me! The full-sized version again came in the padded bubble reusable makeup ziplock bag, and also has a pump, this time at the bottom of the product. The packaging matches the bubblewrap eye + lip plumping cream, as does most of the Glossier skincare range. I use about four pumps to cover my whole face and again, just apply it with my hands after washing my face in the morning. It’s really lightweight, and it soaks into my face so fast which is great! I hate products that leave my face feeling sticky for a long time after. As this is a priming moisturiser, it does also act as a makeup primer. I still have a fair bit of my current primer left, but when that runs out I might see if it’s actually worth rebuying or if this works equally well. The other big bonus to this sinking in so fast is that it doesn’t leave me all shiny! I’m so glad that it soaks in so well because it means if I don’t want to wear makeup I don’t have to go around super shiny and looking all oily.

Along with the priming moisturizer balance, I got the super bounce hyaluronic acid + vitamin b5 serum. I picked this one because I was looking for something that was suitable for combination skin (I have dry patches and oily patches which makes my skin a bit tricky to take care of). I’ve not used this very much yet at all, but it does seem to soak into my skin nicely, and leaves it feeling hydrated. I’m hoping that once I’ve used this a bit longer it’ll reduce redness and help control breakouts a bit, because I do get breakouts around my chin pretty often. Instead of the pump, this product comes with a dropper, which I also like because you can apply it directly to your skin, and it can be pretty targeted if you only want to use it on certain areas, which I like.

From my first impressions, I’d definitely recommend Glossier. Everything is cruelty free, and shipped in carefully considered packaging. The products themselves look clean and minimalist (which is an aesthetic I’m into), and the application methods are all well thought out. So far, I’d recommend any of these three products. The price tag is a bit higher than I’m used to but if you have the money to spend then I think skincare is definitely something worth putting a bit of money into. Have you tried any Glossier products? Let me know what you think!

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