Autumn Favourites 2020

Autumn 2020 Favourites!

I have previously received PR products from Penguin. Images used in this post contain Girl, Woman, Other, which is published by Penguin. Books published by Penguin are marked [PR relationship] when mentioned. This is based on the edition I own/read.

Welcome back to another Favourites post! If you want to have a look at my previous posts, you can find my Spring Favourites here, and my Summer Favourites here. They aren’t really themed seasonally, so hopefully you’ll find some interesting things in those posts!

This is definitely the easiest category! I will link to my reviews for my favourite books from the last few months.
AD. The Light at the End of the Day – Eleanor Wasserberg.
AD. An Isolated Incident – Soniah Kamal.
[PR relationship] Girl, Woman, Other – Bernadine Evaristo.
AD. The Mountains Sing – Nguyễn Phan Quế Mai.
The Picture of Dorian Gray – Oscar Wilde.

I have to admit I haven’t watched that much TV since my last Favourites post. The one thing I did watch was Killing Eve, which I really enjoyed.

I have actually watched a few films this time round!
Star Wars (the original trilogy). I talked about these on my blog!
Emma (2019). An adaptation of Austen’s Emma, this film was really beautifully made, and really funny. Would definitely recommend this to fans of Austen!
Persona (1966). This is a surrealist Swedish film about two women. One, a well known actor, wakes up one morning and refuses to speak. The other woman is her nurse, and this film is about the strange relationship between the two. It gets very surreal at the end, and I have no clue what was going on, but I really enjoyed it.

folklore – Taylor Swift. I wrote a whole blog post about this! Is anyone surprised?

I’ve played a few games (dipping in and out) since my last post!
The Last of Us Part II came out, and I did cave in and buy it.
Bioshock Infinite, the final game in the Bioshock series.
Dishonoured — well, I watched my boyfriend play Dishonoured and enjoyed it so I bought myself a copy.
Hollow Knight though I haven’t got very far because I can’t get past the first boss… oops.

I started shopping on Depop to buy work-appropriate clothes and got a little bit too into it! It’s great for finding secondhand clothing and books, but it can be a bit expensive for secondhand items.
I also discovered the app Plant Jammer, which builds you a recipe based off ingredients you have and the type of meal you want! Incredible! It also helps you to pick flavours that go well together to create a delicious meal.
Zombies, Run! Is a bit of a jokey app that I’ve started using a bit recently. I start it before I go for a run, and you gather supplies as you run, while listening to mini podcast episodes (when the story isn’t playing it will play your music) and having bursts of speed when the zombie chases happen!

Recently I’ve been really into orange squash. Couldn’t tell you why but there you have it.
I also discovered the Whittards Cherry Blossom loose leaf tea which is beautiful. It smells SO GOOD!
As I mentioned in another post recently, I love hardboiled sweets, in particular pear drops and rosy apples.
I’m also getting into meal prepping my lunches for work and I’m trying out a roasted tomato and halloumi salad (with added veggie sausages for protein) after a suggestion on twitter from my friend Jess. I’m using this recipe to roast the tomatoes, then just grilling the sausages and halloumi and adding some salad leaves and balsamic vinegar to finish off the lunch.

7 thoughts on “Autumn 2020 Favourites!

  1. AH I just read the Picture of Dorian Gray in my Western Literature course! I really really enjoyed it and had fun discussing it in class. So happy you included it 🙂

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  2. Ooo this is such a great post 🙂 I have been listening & loving Folklore as well, and I actually forgot to include it in my favorites post!! I actually also made a few purchases on Depop (for the first time) last month, and it was such a good experience! Will definitely be buying more from there!

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