Change is Coming…

Today’s post is going to be super short, and more of a blog update than anything! Because of some changes in my life, I’m making some changes to my blog schedule to make sure it’s maintainable going forwards.

Basically, I got a job! I started last week, and I’m really excited to get properly into it this coming week. For the last six months, I’ve not had much to occupy my time thanks to my university course ending and, of course, COVID-19, so I’ve had loads of time to read and write blog posts. Now, I won’t have as much free time which means that I’ll have to slow down a little on the blog front.

Annoyingly, this probably means I’ll see a big drop in my monthly views, because I always get fewer views on days when I don’t post, so I’m not sure if anyone has any tips for boosting older posts? I keep posting pins for my old posts, but I don’t get much pinterest traffic, so it doesn’t really help. Should I be scheduling more tweets? Including more backlinks? Let me know your techniques! Should I try to do some short, easy posts like the WWW meme to keep my blog active without spending loads of time on writing posts?

Moving on to the actual schedule, then! I didn’t want to stop doing any of the types of posts I already do, which posed a bit of a problem because I don’t tend to do more than one post of a type per week. I wanted to make sure I’m still posting regular bookish content, though, because this is primarily a book blog in my eyes, even though I do a lot of non-bookish posts as well. With that in mind, I came up with a rough schedule starting from today, which I may well not stick to.

Alternate Mondays: Media/Culture Posts
Alternate Wednesdays: Lifestyle Posts
Some Fridays: Book Tag/Book Discussion Post (let’s be honest I get tagged in so many things this will be most weeks!)
Saturdays: Book Review.

So, every week there will be two posts, one being either media OR lifestyle, and the other being a review. On weeks where I have been tagged in a book tag, or have an idea for a discussion post, there’ll be an extra post on Fridays! I’ve also cut back on requesting books, so there’ll be fewer ARC reviews to keep my schedule a bit more flexible. I’m going to be trying my best to be reading at least one book a week so I can keep posting weekly reviews, but we’ll have to see how that goes!

I’m not sure whether I should do my media/lifestyle posts on the same day each week so I’m not alternating between posting Mondays and Wednesdays but, to be honest, I’m not sure how much of a difference that would make. Doing it this way also means I can slot in cheeky extra lifestyle or media posts if I think of something I want to add in and have a bit of extra time/inspiration.

This definitely got longer than I anticipated it being, so I think we’ll leave it there. I’ll see you on Friday with my Wrap Up/TBR post for the month!

17 thoughts on “Change is Coming…

  1. Congratulations on the job! I am in a similar situation. I was home from my job since March, and then in June they let me come back 4 hours a week. Starting this week it is going to be almost full time, so I’ll have less time to read and write and grow my audience. Just keep posting when you can and the readers will still be there.

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  2. That all sounds ambitious to me. I am proud of delivering one blog post per week. Don’t forget to save posts when you have time to do extra ones, you never know when you might need it. Also, consider guest bloggers. Don’t push yourself too hard. You have built up a good following and I am sure your readers will continue to follow your content. Good luck with the new job. Hope all goes well.

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    • Thank you! I tend to batch write posts, so I save up ideas and then spend a day at the end of the month sitting down to write which works well for me! Book reviews I do as and when I finish the book, but I make sure it’s all planned and prepared so it makes it way easier day to day! Scheduling is my best friend haha


  3. eeek congrats on the new job!! I personally find it super helpful to post links to old blog-posts on twitter, I think there may even be a wordpress plug in for it, but I’m not sure.

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