Top Ten Films I Still Haven't Seen

Top Ten Classic Films I Still Need To Watch

This is absolutely a call out post for myself. I am genuinely shocking at sitting down and watching a movie, especially when I’m alone. As a result, I’ve kinda not watched half the movies that it feels like everyone’s watched, so I thought I’d make a list of the top ten films (or film series) that I’ve not watched, but it feels like everyone else has, or at least everyone else seems to know enough about them to casually talk about them as if they’ve seen them.

  • The Godfather.
    All I know about this, if I’m entirely honest, is mafia. I’ve seen the posters and possibly also a couple of clips, so I have an idea of the general vibe, but no idea what the plot actually revolves around. It’s such a classic, and people who enjoy film always rave about it, so I feel like I really need to watch it so I can actually join in conversations about it.
  • Pulp Fiction
    Again I really don’t know what this is about. I know one of my best friends from college had a poster from it on his wall in halls at University, but beyond the iconic poster, I know very little. This feels like one of those films that literally everyone has seen and can make references to, while I’m just in the dark.
  • Clueless
    OK, I have a bit of an idea what this one’s about, so I’m not entirely clueless… get it? This maybe isn’t a classic in the same way some of the others on the list are a classic, but I felt like it deserves a place. I feel like most girls my age watched Clueless as teenagers, and I just completely missed the boat on it. That’s what you get when you just watch Wild Child at every sleepover you ever go to, I guess.
  • Bonnie and Clyde
    There are so many pop culture references to Bonnie and Clyde that I have in fact picked up a fair amount of knowledge on what this one’s about. Knowing what it’s about just makes me ask even more why I’ve not seen it yet! It sounds like a film I’d really enjoy, but I’ve yet to find the time to sit and watch it.
  • Die Hard
    Most of what I know about Die Hard comes from Jake Peralta on Brooklyn-99. There are guns and a lot of action, and it takes place around Christmas, and therefore it is a Christmas film. Maybe I’ll watch it this Christmas??
  • Casino Royale
    I put this one on the list rather than James Bond as a series because I have actually seen some James Bond films. Specifically, Skyfall, which I really enjoyed, and Spectre, which I didn’t. I don’t have any plans to go back and watch all the Bond films, but I wouldn’t mind at least catching up on the ones with Daniel Craig in the title role, so Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace it is. I don’t know why I picked Casino Royale and not Quantum of Solace for this list, but there you have it.
  • Lord of the Rings
    Right so, I watched the first film of the Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey, and I fell asleep. In my defence, I was ill at the time. But I think it’s also very possible that it dragged on a bit. That experience is probably why I’ve never given the original Lord of the Rings trilogy a go, but I do feel like I should, for Orlando Bloom’s hair if nothing else.
  • The Matrix
    This is another one that’s spawned so many pop culture references that would make sense to me if only I’d sit down and watch the damn film. For some reason when I was younger this was a film about cars in my head (yeah, no clue where that came from), so I wasn’t interested on principle.
  • Fight Club
    I guess we… don’t talk about this one?
  • Star Wars.
    I left the kicker until last! I have never seen a single Star Wars film, despite borrowing the DVDs from my uncle an entire four years ago, and spending my entire time at University friends with a massive Star Wars fan who was perpetually threatening to make me watch it somehow. It felt like an achievement to continue to not have watched it, but I do keep saying that I need to, so I need to just give in, sit down and WATCH THE FILMS.

So, there’s my list! Are you like me, with a big list of iconic films to watch? Or are you a big fan of film and you can’t believe I’ve not watched any of these? What would you suggest I add to this list? Let me know!

17 thoughts on “Top Ten Classic Films I Still Need To Watch

  1. I haven’t seen all of these, but Lord of the Rings, Fight Club, and Pulp Fiction are in my top 10 favourite films of all time! I would highly recommend all 3!
    Also, all of the The Hobbit films don’t have a patch on the Lord of The Rings trilogy, I found The Hobbit a little boring if I’m honest.
    Orlando Bloom as Legolas was one of my first fictional crushes, haha!
    At least you know the rules of Fight Club…

    Great post 🙂

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  2. You’re definitely not alone. I’ve not seen any of these apart from Casino Royale, which was something I didn’t really enjoy. All I can remember from that film is me being a language nerd and trying to hear how many different words there were for “numbers” throughout.
    And I also had that one Star Wars loving friend at university, who did the same to me. She did eventually manage to get me in front of the first film but I didn’t take any of it in so I still claim I haven’t really watched it. One day, I will. One day.

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  3. I’m an ex-film student and there are probably too many on this list I haven’t seen. I’ve seen the first Die Hard because we did it at uni, then my brother lent me the others about five years ago and I still haven’t watched them. Keep telling myself one day! Clueless is fun though – not my usual genre but it works for me!

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  4. I haven’t seen a lot of these either. I keep telling my self I’ll watch them soon, but it never actually happens. I do really need to watch the Matrix films though, they are some of my brothers favorites and hes always reminding me to check them out. If you do watch Die Hard I hope you like it! Action isn’t one of my fav genres but it really is great

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    • I’m exactly the same, I keep saying I will 😂 I want to watch the first Matrix film but not sure if I’m that fussed about the rest of them 🤔


  5. Only watched two of these (Die Hard for the first time last year and LOTR took a few goes!) so know how this feels. I know the perception of what is a classic is normally dependent on how popular they are but they’ve never really appealed to me! Good luck in working to complete your list 🙂

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    • I only picked ones I do think I would like to watch!! There are definitely some that it seems like loads of people have watched that I’m just not interested in. Die Hard is maybe the one I’m least interested in but I’d still at least give the first one a try!


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