New Hobbies I Started in Lockdown

New Things I Started in Lockdown | New Hobbies to Pick Up If You’re Bored!

So a while ago I made a post about habits I’d started doing in lockdown that I wanted to keep up, but that was more focused on sustainability things. I saw Amy @ ReadDreamLiveNow write a post on things she’s been doing during lockdown to stay happy and healthy, and I loved reading her post so much I thought I’d do one of my own. At the moment I’m not working as I just graduated, so I have a lot of free time to spend on building new hobbies.

1. Blogging! Kinda!
I did already have this blog, but it was only around March when I started to post regularly and build an audience and a posting schedule. Since then I’ve got really into making blog posts, but I have had to work out how to streamline my writing and posting to make sure I don’t just spend all my time on social media! I did write a post about how to balance your blog with your life, and I am still doing most of the tricks that I suggest on there, but I am edging back to writing posts when I feel like it, and then at the weekend taking all the photos and doing all the scheduling.

2. Yoga.
Much like Amy, I also started doing yoga and then… stopped. I began at the start of June, and the issue was that there was one week in June where it got really hot, and as a result, I decided to take a week off until the weather cooled down and then I didn’t get back into it. I was enjoying it before I stopped, so I think I need to figure out how to build it back into my routine again. I don’t think evening is the best time for me to do it, because I need to let my dinner go down, but by the time my dinner is settled I’m usually on a video call with my boyfriend and I don’t really want to try video call yoga! Maybe morning yoga would be the one for me.

3. Running!
This is one I actually definitely started in lockdown, and so far, I’m keeping it up! Before lockdown, I’d been on one run about 5 years ago. I started the Couch to 5K program, as you’ll know if you’ve kept up to date with my blog, and I’m proud to say I’m still going with it, running three times per week. If you’ve really been keeping track, you’d know that I had said I’d planned to post a second update today, as it’s 3 weeks since my last one, but I decided to delay the update by a week as I redid some of the runs, so I’m not at week 6 yet. My update post next week will have more info on what I’m doing and where I’m at with it!

5 New Hobbies I Tried in Lockdown

4. Upcycling.
As you might remember from my Lockdown Lifestyle Changes to Maintain, I was giving upcycling a go, turning old clothes into things like reusable makeup wipes to replace cotton pads. This isn’t something I felt like I was very good at, and to be honest, I haven’t done any more since I made that post, but it is something I want to give another go. I’ve just been spending too much time reading to be doing much in the way of crafts!

5. Applying for full-time jobs.
This is definitely not a habit, or a hobby, but it is a new thing I’ve had to do in lockdown. I was planning to do an MA starting in September, which obviously would have meant I wouldn’t have been looking for a full-time job, but when lockdown happened and both the universities I’d applied to for my MA said that it was likely that some seminars would be online still in September, I decided to defer and start job hunting. This certainly isn’t the ideal job market for anyone out there searching, so you do need to be really proactive and be prepared to be checking for new postings pretty much every day. If you’re currently job hunting, make sure you scrub up on your virtual interview techniques! Technology is great, but it does really change the way people are interviewed, so make sure that’s something you’re prepared for.

And there’s my list! If you haven’t already, take a look at Amy’s list — I’ve linked to it at the top. Let me know in the comments what you’ve been doing in lockdown, anything new you’ve started?

16 thoughts on “New Things I Started in Lockdown | New Hobbies to Pick Up If You’re Bored!

    • Always!! I’ve been much more reliable with running than yoga 😅 I think because more people know my running routine and will ask me about it 😂🥺


  1. I have always done yoga meditation and running and have kept these up. In lockdown I started learning French using Duolingo which means I have to do at least 15 mins a day. I also started a blog and embraced social media which can be a bit addictive and time wasting. Oh and I learned how to make perfect American pancakes as we couldn’t go out for breakfast!

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    • I have a long history of using and giving up on Duolingo 😂 just one of those things I can’t make stick 😭. The pancakes sound incredible!


  2. Amazing post! Thank you so much for linking me 😊 Great tip about up skilling in virtual platforms for jobs. I work in Mental health and our job is almost completely through virtual platforms at the moment so definitely an important skill.

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    • Thank you! It’s definitely something you need to adjust to, it’s surprisingly different to face to face interactions

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  3. Great post! I started yoga too, and have to admit, I’ve given up a little in the past week, but planning on fitting a small session in either today or tomorrow 🙂

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    • I’m a little all over the place at the minute with various things that all cropped up at once, so I’m focusing on getting my runs in and then when things calm down for me I think I’ll try to do yoga at least on days when I’m not running, which would be 4 times a week! ☺️ I tend to stick to fairly short yoga sessions, usually 20 minutes or so but it’s always better than no exercise at all

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  4. Ugh I know the feeling of being anxious for full-time jobs. I’m graduating in 5 weeks and my anxiety about finding a job is high. I’m contemplating just using the fall to focus on blogging and writing my book and see how far I get by January when my loans will be due. Fingers crossed you find something soon.

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  5. Ooh I really need to start going for runs and I’d love to do some yoga, I just need to motivate myself to go the first time 😅

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    • Starting is definitely the hardest part!! Once you have a routine it’s way easier to keep it up ☺️ my advice is to make sure you get any shoes/clothes you need and then set a day to start and tell people that’s when you’re starting so they can encourage you along!


  6. Great post! I feel you on the job front, I’ve been applying for a fair share and have a video interview on Thursday eeek, definitely will be brushing up on some tips! Thanks for the advice : )

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    • Good luck!! I’m sure you’ll do great ☺️ one tip I got was to look into the webcam when you’re talking, not at the interviewer so you’re not looking down!


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