What I've Been Watching in Lockdown

What I’ve Been Watching in Lockdown | TV Shows Worthy of Bingeing!

So, I mentioned a few TV shows in my recent favourites post, but I’ve watched more than just those since lockdown began, believe it or not! I thought I’d make a list of what I’ve been watching, where you can find it, and what it’s about and a little bit of what I thought of it! As I’m in the UK the ‘where you can find it’ will be based on the UK versions of sites so if you’re elsewhere and don’t have access to them, you might have to do a bit of digging I’m afraid!

Doctor Who | Netflix UK, BBC iPlayer
This is a classic, and I think pretty much every British person is familiar with it. If you’re not familiar, it’s a science fiction series focused on a Time Lord known as The Doctor. The Doctor has been played by several different actors since the show began in 1963, as Time Lords have the ability to regenerate their bodies instead of dying. Currently Jodie Whittaker is in the title role, the first female Doctor to take up the role. The show was revived in 2005 and has been going strong ever since, and it was some of the older episodes of the revived version I was watching, featuring David Tennant as the Doctor. I absolutely love David Tennant as the Doctor: he is my Doctor. (Most fans of the show have one actor they see as ‘their’ Doctor, often because, like me, that actor is the first person they watched in the role). It is cheesy in places, and the CGI isn’t always the best, particularly in the earlier seasons, but it’s just such a feel-good classic.

The Vicar of Dibley | Netflix UK, BritBox
Another British classic! I didn’t really intend to watch as much of this as I did, and I didn’t watch all of the episodes, but I’m including it because my mum started watching it on Netflix, and I caught a lot of the episodes. Again, if you aren’t familiar (I’m not sure it’s very well known outside the UK!), The Vicar of Dibley is a comedy show following Reverend Geraldine Granger, the first female vicar in a small, traditional village. Geraldine is played by Dawn French, a well-known British comedian, and the cast is rounded out by Emma Chambers who plays Alice, Geraldine’s ditsy friend and church verger, Gary Woldham as David Horton, the grumpy Councillor, and several other council members. It’s a little bit dated, as it ran from 1994-1998 originally, with a few special episodes that continued sporadically until 2007. Despite being somewhat dated, most of the jokes still land, and French is a delight to watch in the title role.

RuPaul’s Drag Race | Netflix UK
Moving away from the British shows now, to an American show. RuPaul’s Drag Race is super popular at the moment, but in case anyone hasn’t seen it, it’s billed as a competition to become America’s next drag superstar. RuPaul is the head judge of the show, and an incredibly successful Drag Queen. Throughout the series, a group of Queens compete in challenges that range from choreography and singing to stand up comedy and parody scenes in order to progress to the next week and avoid being in the bottom two Queens and having to lip sync for a place in the final. I’ve recently watched seasons 11 and 12 of the American version of the show, having previously watched the first season of the UK version. I have to say that I do still prefer the UK version, which I think is down to sharing a sense of humour with many of the Queens who were on the British series, while sometimes for me the jokes don’t land in the US version. I’m also proud to say that neither of the Queens I was supporting won their series, though I maintain that my preferred Queen was the true winner. It’s mostly hilarious, but there is occasionally emotional moments, and also some incredibly annoying moments when cat fights start to happen in the Work Room, but it’s incredibly entertaining to watch, and you definitely never know what’s coming next.

Brooklyn-99 | Netflix UK
Another American show, Brooklyn-99 is a cop comedy show focused around a group of NYPD detectives. While I’m not a fan of glorifying police, I have to admit that I do still find this show very funny. I think it has gone downhill a little since what was in my opinion, its peak, which was probably season 2 or 3. Since then, however, they have had a character come out as bisexual, which is a pretty rare occurrence on TV, so of course I was excited to watch more of season 6 and see how that character’s arc would change now they are openly bisexual. I was a little bit disappointed with season 6, because it really didn’t live up to much of the previous seasons in terms of the quality of the writing (the actors are as impressive as ever), and there was one character who I personally don’t like who had a much smaller role in season 6 so I suppose you take the little wins.

The Big Flower Fight | Netflix UK
This is maybe the weirdest show I’ve listed so far, just in terms of the concept. It sounds incredibly boring, but it’s actually so interesting, and even in places exciting, to watch. It’s a competition where pairs compete in various plant sculpturing challenges to be crowned victors. From evening dresses to dinosaurs, and from insects to fairytale houses, they build it all. Often they create their own frameworks as well, from wood and metal and chicken wire to create a structure before the plants are added. The extra dynamic to these challenges comes into play when you remember all the plants being used are alive, and need to stay that way until judging time! The contestants are often seen going round spraying plants with misters, or strategically waiting to plant their plants into their sculpture to keep them as fresh as possible. The structures that get built in this show are honestly staggering. The competitors are all so multi-talented, able to design, engineer and build these structures as well as knowing which plants will survive the best, fit the theme of their sculpture, and will look pretty!

Shows I Watched in Lockdown

Queer Eye | Netflix UK
This is yet another that I think most people have heard of. It’s a revival of a Queer Eye for the Straight Guy which ran from 2003-2007. In this revival, 4 gay men (Tan France, Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown and Antoni Porowski) and one nonbinary person (Jonathan Van Ness, he/him pronouns) meet a new hero each episode. The hero of the episode gets a makeover, and at the same time hopefully, a new outlook on life. Each of the Fab Five have their own area of expertise: Tan does fashion, Bobby interior design, Karamo culture, Antoni food and wine, and Jonathan does hair and grooming. The show is often really touching, because they really aim to get to know the hero and understand what they need to have a better outlook on life. The show has been criticised for being shallow, but they focus on so much more than looks. Karamo’s role varies from episode to episode the most, but has included helping people to reconnect with their family, building people’s confidence to put themselves forwards socially and romantically, and helping people to achieve a healthy work-life balance. Antoni often advises people on how to eat healthier, teaching them to cook rather than relying on fast food. While Tan and Jonathan do primarily focus on people’s looks, it’s also about boosting their confidence and ensuring other people take them seriously, and finding a wardrobe and grooming routine that fits their lifestyles.

The Great British Sewing Bee | BBC iPlayer
If you’re a fan of the Great British Bake Off, which so much of us are, this is a must-watch. I watched the most recent series, series 6, on iPlayer as it was being aired and really enjoyed it. Contestants have three challenges each week — a pattern challenge where they all have to make the same item, a transformation challenge where they have to upcycle something, and the made to measure challenge where they are given a model to fit their item to. The contestants were all so lovely and supportive on this season (and presumably also on all the seasons I haven’t watched) and there was never any sense that anyone held any grudges, or wished anyone else to do badly that there often can be on these types of competition show. The standards of sewing are really impressive, and after having watched Sewing Bee I’ll be honest and say I’ve looked at some of my own store-bought, mostly fast-fashion clothes and thought ‘hmm… Esme and Patrick wouldn’t be happy with this!’.

The Great Pottery Throwdown | 4 on Demand
Yes, I am addicted to these competition shows. No, I’m not sorry. I asked for recommendations on Twitter for my next show to binge, and this was the most suggested. It is similar to the Sewing Bee, but of course it’s pottery, not sewing. There’s also only two challenges per episode, a main challenge and a mini challenge, with the mini challenge usually taking place in the middle of the episode, while the main pieces get fired or dried out or however it is you make pottery. Watching this made me really want a pottery wheel, which then made me really want a Patrick Swazye Ghost moment. Keith Brymar Jones, the judge famous for crying over pottery, returned for season 3 along with new judge Sue Pryke, and new host Melanie Sykes. If you want to watch a grown man cry over pottery, and let’s face it, why wouldn’t you, The Great Pottery Throwdown is for you.

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars | Netflix UK
I’m not going to go into too much detail about this because I’ve already talked about the normal Drag Race, but All Stars welcomes back previous contestants, who compete to enter the Drag Race Hall of Fame. As an added twist, in All Stars, the top two Queens lip sync each week, and the winner gets to choose which of the two Queens at the bottom gets sent home.

Killing Eve | BBC iPlayer
Wow, I was really late to the party on this one. I’ve definitely been meaning to watch this for ages and, in fact, I started watching it with one of my housemates a few months back, but I just picked it up again recently and now I’m almost all the way through season 2 so please, no spoilers for season 3! It centres around an assassin, Villanelle, and an MI6 agent, Eve, who become entangled after Eve investigates Villanelle’s murders and tracks her down. The dynamic between Eve and Villanelle is fascinating, and deadly. It definitely has some similar vibes to Hannibal with Mads Mikkelsen because of the dynamic between the two main characters.

So, that’s what I’ve been watching in lockdown! What have you been watching? Was it any of these? Let me know!

21 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Watching in Lockdown | TV Shows Worthy of Bingeing!

  1. I got into the Sewing Bee during this last series and I was really happy to discover that BBC have replayed it this last couple of weeks. Everything they create is amazing and it makes me wish I had that ability and creativity. Same can be said for the Pottery Showdown. I think it is great that from the success of The Great British Bake Off (which I confess I haven’t liked as much since the move to C4), all these other shows have come about and taken off. It gives me hope that these skills and industries continue to thrive.

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    • Every time I watch one of those shows I get a burning urge to take up whatever they’re doing as a hobby 😂 fortunately I didn’t go wild in lockdown and buy a pottery wheel because I was awful at ceramics at school! I also don’t like GBBO as much now it’s on C4 but it’s too wholesome to stop watching! 😂 These shows are such a great way to showcase these talents that people usually wouldn’t get recognition for!

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