Avatar Blogger Award: Earth Tag

I have previously received PR products from Penguin and HarperCollins. Images in this post contain Emma, The End of the Ocean, Great Expectations, Ulysses and On Beauty, which were published by Penguin and The ABC Murders (HarperCollins). Books published by either company are marked with [PR relationship] when mentioned.

I was tagged by the creator of this tag, Andrew @ OnMyBookshelf! Sorry it took me so long to get to it Andrew! But here it is at last: The Book of Earth tag.

This is part of a wider book tag to become the Avatar Blogger:
To become the Avatar Blogger and save the book world from the Fire Writer Lord, the Avatar Blogger must master all four elements.
To master an element, a blogger must be tagged in one of the four following tags: Book of Water, Book of Earth, Book of Fire, Book of Air.
Once a blogger has posted all four tags to their page, they can message the Order of the White Lotus (@onmybookshelff) on twitter to receive the Avatar Blogger Award. (Not first come first serve. Everyone can get the award!)

Rules of this Tag:

Thank whomever tagged you
Callback to the creator of the tag: Andrew @ On My Bookshelf
Answer the 7 questions below
Help other potential Avatar Bloggers by tagging 5 bloggers.

Of all the nations in the Avatar world, the Earth Kingdom is the largest in size.
What are your three largest books?

My Collected Works of Shakespeare has to be the biggest, then [PR relationship] Ulysses and the third is Ducks, Newburyport!

Ba Sing Se, the capital of the Earth Kingdom, has absolutely beautiful walls that have stood the test of time.
What book would you leave buried in a time capsule, to be opened by someone you don’t know 30 years from now?

Well, it’s got to be one that I’m not sure will still be popular in 30 years, so classics are out. I’m going to go with [PR relationship] The End of the Ocean by Maja Lunde as it’s a very important warning about the climate people might still need in 30 years!

Citizens of the Earth Reviewers are recognized by their green attire.
Share some of your books that have a green cover.

Oh gosh, I really don’t have many. [PR relationship] Emma has some green, as does The Bell Jar. My copy of [PR relationship] Great Expectations is green, and [PR relationship] The ABC Mysteries is also pretty green.

The Avatar Blogger Award: Earth Tag
I have previously received PR products from Penguin (On Beauty, The End of the Ocean, Ulysses, Great Expectations and Emma), and HarperCollins (The ABC Murders)

Though many people of the Earth Reviewers live in large cities, a lot of its citizens are migratory people.
What book did you DNF the quickest, and why did you give up on it?

There’s only one book on my DNF shelf, and I dropped it years ago so I don’t remember why. I think perhaps I was too young for it so couldn’t get into it. It was One Day by David Nicholls.

Any Avatar or Earth Reviewer would be honored to be taught by Toph, the creator of metal bending, and close friend to Avatar Aang.
Which author, dead or alive, would you love to sit down with for a meal?

Jane Austen! I think she was ahead of her time, and I’d definitely love to sit down with her, explain the role of women in society now to her and have a good old natter about feminism.

Earth Reviewing relies on standing strong and outlasting your opponent, looking for the perfect moment to strike.
What is one book you had on your TBR on too long, and you wish you had read sooner?

Too many!! I only just read [PR relationship] On Beauty by Zadie Smith (review posted tomorrow wink wink nudge nudge please check back), which was given to me by a friend for my birthday in 2018. Oops! Thank you Sophie, love you!

Iroh, a friend to the Avatar and one of the wisest men you’ll meet referred to the Earth as the element of substance.
If you were skilled at making one thing, whether its artsy, music related, or more home improvement focused, what would it be?

I really wish I was more crafty! Recently I’ve been watching Sewing Bee, and I really wish I could make my own clothes.

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15 thoughts on “Avatar Blogger Award: Earth Tag

  1. Ooh great answers. Thanks for doing the tag. Jane Austen would be an amazing author to meet. I think the lineup to meet her would be miles long

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