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Delete This with Hank and Katherine : Review & Recommend | LET’S TALK PODCASTS

So today I’m bringing the podcast reviews back, with Delete This with Hank and Katherine Green! Hank Green is internet famous, and his wife Katherine is not, as the intro will tell you. Hank is well-known for hosting educational channels including SciShow and Crash Course, and co-hosting the VlogBrothers channel with his brother, John Green (yes, the novelist John Green). The dynamic between Hank and Katherine is particularly entertaining because Katherine is so opposed to social media and internet celebrity, while Hank makes a living off these. In Delete This, Hank and Katherine go through Hank’s tweets from the last week and judge/critique them. They also look at trending topics, and a couple of other bonus features, including a viral moment of joy, and participating in twitter games (you know, the ‘your favourite colour + last thing you ate is your superhero name’ type of thing).

First off, this podcast is hilarious. Hank is quite a prolific tweeter, which gives him and Katherine a fair bit of material to go through each week. The episodes are still fairly short and digestible, though: they’re usually between half an hour and 45 minutes. I’ve always loved Hank and Katherine’s dynamic (she’s appeared as a guest host on a couple of episodes of Dear Hank and John, Hank’s comedy advice podcast with his brother), so I was very excited when they started their own podcast a couple of years ago. Katherine is generally disapproving of most of Hank’s tweets (and really of twitter in general), but they are often in agreement over what Hank should or shouldn’t have posted. Some of the funniest moments, though, come from Hank reading out popular tweets to Katherine.

Delete This with Hank and Katherine review

While this podcast is primarily a comedy podcast, it also has a lot of serious moments dotted throughout, as is the nature of Twitter. Trump’s tweets often come up (there’s an ‘Oops, I tweeted at Trump!’ jingle for when Hank gives in and replies to Trump), and trending topics they discuss also often include more serious topics, recently including COVID19 and Black Lives Matter protests. Both Hank and Katherine are very insightful and well-spoken, so heavier topics like this are treated sensitively and maturely. This aspect of the podcast is one I really appreciate, because sometimes there’s information about a trending topic I wasn’t aware of that Hank brings up, so it often adds a level of nuance to my own opinions.

The original premise of the podcast, that Katherine elects a tweet of Hank’s to be deleted each week has fallen by the wayside, though Hank does sometimes elect to delete something they agree is not useful. The other thing listeners get an insight into is Hank’s draft tweets, of which there are surprisingly many. (I personally think that Hank is making better use of the draft function as the podcast has gone on, meaning there are less tweets that need deleting! After all, why tweet and delete when you can just leave it in the drafts?)

The podcast closes each week, as I mentioned before, with a Viral Moment of Joy. This might be a video or a photo, or just a text-tweet, but it does what it says on the tin. For the audience’s use, Hank posts a Twitter moment for each episode featuring all the tweets discussed in the episode, so the audience can hop on to the Delete This Pod twitter to see the viral moment of joy for themselves.

If this podcast sounds like it might be for you, you can find the podcast on all good podcast platforms.

The Delete This twitter is linked here, and you can find Hank’s twitter here. Katherine’s twitter? Don’t worry about it.

12 thoughts on “Delete This with Hank and Katherine : Review & Recommend | LET’S TALK PODCASTS

  1. I watch the Green brothers now and then and I love them. I didn’t know this podcast existed so thanks for informing me. Can’t wait to read it

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  2. This sounds very interesting! Never heard of the podcast before but I know Hank from the Crash Course videos. Will have to add this podcast to my to list 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • They aren’t for everyone definitely! I usually listen when I’m doing something like gaming or travelling, and I pick ones where it’s okay if I zone in and out a bit 😂


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